shopping spree

Don't you want to read about my shopping spree at TJ Maxx?
You do, I know it.
Click here and read about how lucky I am - and SEE, with your own eyes, how great I look in dresses. (From the neck down, of course.)


Anonymous said…
You are DIVINE in your TJ Maxx dresses. Just DIVINE.
Badger said…
I LOVE the dress you picked. Well done, you.

And I LIVE at TJ Maxx, practically. NOW YOU KNOW WHY.
Duyvken said…
Ooooh, I love the sleeve details on the dress you bought. Just divine! You'll feel wonderful walking in on your first day and that's worth much more than $50.
Anonymous said…
You look stunning in the dress you bought, I also liked another couple but THAT ONE is a killer.
Look out everybody.
Anonymous said…
Wow, those are killer sleeves. Beautiful. What a lucky find.

Anonymous said…
You look GORGEOUS!
Now I'm off to check out your rejects.
signed, tall blonde
I also like the winner.
I need a gig that pays to me to find clothes that fit 5'6", size 14 (but no chest) top and size 16-18 hips.
If it fits my chest, it rips at the hips. If it fits in the hips, it sags in the chest.
Clothes shopping gives me a migraine.
You're good at it.
Anonymous said…
I love the winner and the one made for the tall blonde (which I am neither, neither). Cool sleeves make me happy.
Amy A. said…
Love that black dress. Very flattering. I want one.
Poppy Buxom said…
If you wore that black dress to BlogHer, people would totally lick your face.

I'm just saying.
Anonymous said…
I liked the same 2 that you did, and I admire you for thinking ahead with the blue one (might be out of season, etc.) Great job, you, and great job, Youngest!
Velma said…
I looooove the sleeves on the dress you chose. Gorgeous!
Mary said…
You definitely chose the best but you must keep an eye on that dark blue dress as it also looked fantastic on you.
Anonymous said…
That black one is just smashing!
We have Winners here in Canada, which I think is along the same line. My best score this summer was a cut velvet and silk funky little number. Also $50, but not nearly as flattering. That could be my body's fault.
Anonymous said…
Excellent choice! I'm a huge fan of TJMaxx. Gotta love the thrill of the hunt. Was just in Marshalls last night (think they are owned by the same company) and there was a new display of fab Calvin Klein dresses and suits - you might find something there.