Senior year

Yesterday was "Freshman Friday" at Tuvalu High.
Youngest escaped unscathed and had several exciting stories to tell about classmates being tortured by upperclassmen.
Was Middle part of these shenanigans I wondered?
Nope. He "sort of knew" it was happening but didn't participate.
He's a very laid back Senior. So laid back, in fact, that he may doze.
How was his day at school yesterday?
Let's see...
First period I had Film and Video, so that was cool. Second period: GET THIS, my math class was canceled. Third period I had physics and we measured speeds and distances of cars outside the school. I had four-one and four-two off. Then I had Film Literature for fifth period and we watched some Hitchcock and talked about it. I had sixth off.

Sounds rough, doesn't it?


Anonymous said…
Very nice new format and the sans serif suits you just fine!

This post makes me think about how eager I was to get out of high school and get a real life. I hope your boy enjoys every minute of his year, it is over too quickly.
Anonymous said…
MUCH better than the kids who have stressful, intense senior years and don't get to enjoy that time.
So what did he do with all those free periods?

When I was in high school (back in the 1870's) every time we had a free period we would all go hide out in the music room. Our band instructor would let us do homework or sing and play to our hearts content.

Romances developed, we taught each other how to play different instruments. My BEST high school memories.
smalltownmom said…
Kickin' back in senior year. Way to go!
RW said…
That sounds pretty fantastic to me.
Badger said…
Sounds like COLLEGE.
Chris said…
Hm, math class canceled? I realize I am going againts the flow here, but I find that ridiculous. College maybe, highschool no way.
What cool classes! Is this public or private?

I love your sons. They are such kind, caring, fun guys.
Joke said…
Numbah One Son would give a kidney for that kind of schedule.

tut-tut said…
L seems to have bankers hours at school; she can arrive late and leave early.
Dani said…
Wow. Sounds like my senior year: choir, drama, contemporary affairs, theater, film production, and a 2 period graphic arts "trade" class.

Best. Year. Ever. I didn't want to leave. Seriously. I mean, where else do you get to do all that cool stuff for FREE?!

I hope Middle looks at it the same way and savors it. Something tells me he will....
Anonymous said…
Day one: 45 minutes.
Day two: Substitute teacher.
Day three: Decided I'll start asking questions again next week.

So there's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th periods, but 4th gets two parts?

Why not just have seven periods?
And further to that head scratcher, I thought Middle was starting College (uni) this summer, hence the need to get a job...

It's mean of you to make my head hurt when all I did today was clean and entertain.
eurolush said…
Your voice sounds different in this new font.
Anonymous said…
Back to school new years are almost better than New Year's new years. They are so freshly sharpened and full of possibility. I hope your guys have a great year of being at high school together.

Momo Fali said…
Sigh. I wish I could go back and REALLY enjoy the near lack of responsibility. Things sure do change!
He very well might get naps in with that schedule. I'm glad Youngest survived.
Stowaway said…
I have boys who are also a Senior and a Freshman this year.

Senior boy was razzing Freshman boy about wearing 'class' colors one Friday.... wouldn't tell Freshman boy what would befall him if he didn't.

Freshman boy wore his 'class' color that day!

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