Do you ever get a chance to listen to The Writer's Almanac? It's very interesting and I feel so good after I've heard it. Have a listen.

Pita bread is so disappointing to me. I chew it so very intently, searching for some kind of flavor. Any flavor. I never find it.


I'm obsessed with boots. I like this pair very much but they don't really exist, FYI.
I'm thinking boots could solve many fashion issues I have. I could be wrong but I won't be dissuaded. And speaking of being obsessed, the picture above was picked up by the following groups just moments after I uploaded it:

  • Candid Mature Women
  • Riding boots
  • NEW Women in boots
  • Fashion Boots in the street
  • boot-foot licker-worshipping
  • mixed wrestling

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It would appear that I may have to have words with Ms. Hathaway. Again.

Last <span class=

I can't help but think that it's the Last Syrah because he falls from this position.

The Dead Arm

K and I are occasionally stricken with The Dead Arm. And I don't mean the wine.

We took a stroll through Anthropologie the other day and K spied this recipe in a book.
It was our dinner that night.


It was good but it was missing something - like noodles, or rice, or a potato.

Youngest is absolutely in love with high school. Last night he came into my room doing a long, loping, dance move and swinging his arms whilst singing I am loving the high school!

island too

I was deliberating this kind of vacation. A tiny island with water so close to the house.


This one looks slightly more hospitable.

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Isn't this an ingenious little oil lamp?

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Isn't this the sweetest little charm?

Just walk away Renee

Oh, dear, it looks like Anne is not the only person I need to have a word with.

Thank you for all your good wishes yesterday.
I promise to tell you what I *can* about where I am working, I hope to continue blogging (imagine the things/people I'll see?!) and truly appreciate your support.
Middle is doing better every day and though it may take a bit longer for him to recover completely, recovery is in sight.


Suse said…
All the women in that last photo look truly scary and artificial.
KPB said…
Well aren't you in find form.

I can almost hear that kick in your step.

I didn't comment over there on the job post for purely selfish reasons. I am both overjoyed, excited, giddy for you while also being a bit sad and worried too. I have no idea why. So Hoorah I say and let's get on with it.

Or I may just have to kill you with a tray.
Anonymous said…
God, last shot was definitely taken at a wax museum.
Hug to Middle.
Cheer for Youngest.
Ciao to you
Anonymous said…
Thank you for helping overcome my crippling Inappropriate Crush on Miss Hathaway.

Joke said…
P.S. Good for middle, please advise if patron saints need be consulted and/or candles lit.
Anonymous said…
That is a sweet charm, as is that second cottage, although I would worry during high tide.
jenny said…
Is that Renee Zelleweger?!?!

I think I've seen that second cottage before, in my search for cabin plans or rental places or something...I love it.

Am still surprised to hear Youngest is in High School and glad to hear Middle is on the mend.
Mrs. G. said…
I love the Writer's Almanac. I enjoy hearing a poem every day.

Looking forward to hearing about the new job.
islaygirl said…
i hear you on the pita. if you want something kind of like it but with flavor, try the mediterranean flatbread at trader joe's. it's got a little tang to it. and it doesn't have a pocket. but you know what i mean.

best well wishes to middle.
Anonymous said…
I'm also a fan of the WA--every weekday morning! And boots--but they have to have low heels and be wide enough to accommodate my German calves.
These pictures you take and find enrich my day.
Kathy Rogers said…
She looks like a head of lettuce.
Wendy said…
I looked at those cottages and thought "Gah, it'd be like living on a bridge!" And you know how I feel about bridges. What do they do when the tide or waves come in?

One by one, my local friends have returned to work. Now it's happening with blog friends. I'm thrilled for you and feeling a little sorry for me.
barbra said…
R e nee Z e llweger? Makes my neck itch.
Anonymous said…
I <3 Garrison Keillor. Always have, always will. Have never <3d Anne Hathaway, and never will.

Please don't stop blogging. I think that's why everyone is feeling a little emotional about your Big News. We are worried that you will fade away. We are happy for you, sure, but you know how it is. It's going to change. Change is hard!

Anonymous said…
I HOPE to continue blogging?? I should hope so. You're great!
Anonymous said…
Dear Ms. Blackbird, I didn't comment earlier either, but congratulations. I already miss reading about the days of blackbird at home, which as I typed at the office made me resolve to go home and make my house as nice as yours (and my sons as accomplished as yours, and to wash their clothes in Biz, and make dinners in bowls, go to endless back to school nights, and develop a visual sense). Sigh. I really hope you keep writing, since I am sure I could learn to be a more stylish commuter and observant officemate.
Jess said…
Pita bread is SO MUCH BETTER if warmed and crisped slightly and brushed with a bit of rosemary butter.

I'm so excited for you off to work!
alice c said…
There is a whole wide world out there waiting for you to write about it.
Jennifer said…
Congratulations on the job. I'm sure you're going to do great and if folding laundry for 15 years and making a mean chili hasn't prepared you enough I don't know what will! :)

Good luck!

Yes please have a word with them!

High school really is a great time in ones life. I'm glad they're enjoying it.