the posts I haven't written

Mixed Reviews
A post wherein I catalogue the myriad responses of people in my world to the idea of my returning to the workplace.

My Problems With Every Single Host On The Food Channel
I had thought it was just Paula Deen that made my neck itch, yesterday I realized I hate them all.

At The Wine Store
While trying to get my thoughts together after seeing a mother behaving badly toward her young son, K reminded me that I don't write posts like that.

From The Wine Store
At this point, it would appear that wine that costs less that six dollars a bottle sucks. On the other hand, K bought a $15 dollar bottle...would we drink less if it was more expensive? Or is that backwards logic?

Politics: The Elephant, er, Big Topic I'm Not Discussing
Don't things sound interesting in Australia, though?

Salmonella! Not!
Middle must see a gastro specialist.

Anthropologie Apologie
Why is it that when I have no money to spend there I see TEN dresses I would love to own and YET, when I have a little pocket change there is NOTHING in the ENTIRE store that interests me?


Mary said…
Your political situation is WAAAAAAAAY more interesting than ours.

And I would just love to have Anthropologie here so I could enjoy a similar dilemma!
Geggie said…
I cannot stand that Guy either!! The whole channel has gotten ridiculous. I'm preferring the Fine Living Network and the PBS classic cooking shows.
Anonymous said…

Now I can't flee to Australia, either.

I've switched from Food Network to HGTV.

If I don't stop watching the political coverage on TV they'll have to send ME to the gastro specialist. The stress is killing my stomach. I sit and scream at the TV, then get a grip on myself and go watch Project Runway or some more HGTV.
RW said…
I think if you buy wine for $15 you will enjoy it that much more and will want to drink more frequently.

But, I understand the logic. We have beening buying organic beef/chicken but we eat it sparingly.
Anonymous said…
The one who gets to me is the "healthy appetite" lady,who insists a carrot muffin made with whole wheat flour, sweetened with fruit juice, and smeared with dairy-free cream cheese tastes as good as carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Yah.
At first I thought I'd never get tired of Guy, but he too has gone the Rachel Ray route for me, bye, bye.

I currently jones for Anthony Bourdain, mainly because I hardly catch his show on lately. Where are ya, Tony?
Caterina said…
My thoughts go out to Middle.

I can't help but watch Paula Deen --- I get sucked into it.
barbra said…
Well, I am intrigued by the "Mixed Reviews..."
Anonymous said…
As far as Anthropologie, that's true of every store when I need something to wear.
So I can have Guy Fieri all to myself? Alton and Chef Duff, too? Thanks, BB.

My favorite wines are all 8-12 a bottle. Guess I'm "middle class." ha.
Anonymous said…
My Anthropologie catalog just came in yesterday. I read it whilst eating my lunch today.

Which set me to wondering...If I bought those clothes, would I too look impossibly tall, gaunt, hollow-cheeked, and ethereal?


The Magic Eight Ball says...

"Signs point to yes."

alice c said…
I'm voting for the Mixed Reviews post.

(and I'm worried about Middle)
Anonymous said…
Poor Middle! Please send him our best wishes for a speedy and painfree recovery.

My vote is for mixed reviews, I've been back at work for a short while now and I'm still adjusting to things. It does help that I work from home but I'm still a bit overwhemed. Happy but overwhelmed....
Chris said…
Thank you. I thought I was the ONLY ONE that did not like Paula Dean.

Let me know when you want to talk about Rachel Ray. I can not stand her cutsie talk. What the heck is a sammy :::shiver:::
Terese said…
This morning the NSW Police Minister in Australia was sacked for having a wild party in his office three mohths ago - that just makes us weirder right.
Go The Democrats.......if only we didn't have to wait till November.
Those in public office hust have to accept that they are in the public.
Miz S said…
Hope Middle's okay.
Miz S said…
Also? I am overwrought. Could we do the group hand-wringing thing again?
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry to hear about Middle, and hope for a speedy resolution for him.

I have that problem too, when there's money in my wallet. When I don't, EVERYTHING looks perfect. Perhaps we're more discerning when fantasy wardrobe turns into reality wardrobe.
Magpie said…
$10 is the right price for a bottle of wine, IMO.
Anonymous said…
Hoping things turn out well for Middle.
Suse said…
Commiserations to Middle.