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Dear Ms. Blackbird, I didn't comment earlier either, but congratulations. I already miss reading about the days of blackbird at home, which as I typed at the office made me resolve to go home and make my house as nice as yours (and my sons as accomplished as yours, and to wash their clothes in Biz, and make dinners in bowls, go to endless back to school nights, and develop a visual sense). Sigh. I really hope you keep writing, since I am sure I could learn to be a more stylish commuter and observant officemate.

Posted by Anonymous to say la vee at 4:26 PM

Dear Anonymous,

This little paragraph lifted my heart yesterday. It also made me realize that perhaps I should explain to you, to all of you, that I don't think I can stop blogging. Blogging is a natural extension of my visual sense, a result of my curious nature, a record of our family and one of my only creative outlets. It's very important to me and, though I do realize that I'm about to make a huge change in my day to day life, I cannot imagine doing it without writing about it.
I'm looking forward to writing about who I see and what I do and how exhausted I am. You'll have to live through all of it...




Dani said…
That Anonymous is a smart cookie. :)

I look forward to hearing about the days ahead, too.
Anonymous said…
Blogging by compulsion, not by choice. You'll manage to maintain it, I'm sure.
Joke said…
I never thought, for a picosecond, that you would abandon us.

RW said…
I, look forward to reading about your observations as you make this transition.
MsCellania said…
Ha! I KNEW this; my only thought was 'where' you are now going to compose your posts. I assume on the train.
Your blog, as well as your family, will benefit from your employment.

ps. glad Youngest is rockin' high school.
pps. Did I miss something about Middle?! What happened?! I've searched your archives and don't see anything.
Unknown said…
Damn glad to hear it.
Amy A. said…
Glad to hear it. What we all do without our daily bb fix?

It's fun to go on outings with you, and it will be a new adventure to get to go to work with you, too.
Ginnie said…
Congrats on your new position, and I'm glad you will still be sharing your unique and insightful perspective on the world around you.
Anonymous said…
I think I knew that already, but I'm happy to see you confirm it. Now you've made my day.
scarlettm said…
Thank God! I didn't know what I was going to do without Say La Vee!