new things

I am this close to having news to report. But I don't have any news to report.
K is busy - that's very good...we are very grateful. The boys had a good first day at school...we are happy.
But there are still things to occupy my mind - and there will always be, and that's fine.
Yesterday I was inspired by an art gallery blog and re-did my template. It's clean and new and I'm getting used to the sans serif font. I'm sort of a serif kind of gal - so we'll see.

I have a new button in my sidebar as I have been touched time and time again over the past week by the outpouring of emotion and love and support for Stephanie and Christian Nielson.
Those of you who have read my blog over the years know that I have rarely asked my readers to provide support for anyone in particular in the blogosphere but now, having followed their story, I would encourage you to (at the very least) pray for the Neilson's recovery and, if you are lucky enough to be able to afford it, to send heaps of money to any of the funds set up to assist their young family. Though part of CJane's button is cut off in my sidebar (I'm not great with code), I hope you will click through and offer whatever you can.

Offering this kind of support, being part of this community is one of the things I like best about having a blog.
Go. Do what you can.




jordi said…
Don't ask what I am doing up at 2:30 because I don't know. I like the new look, it is very clean but still looks interesting, not sterile. good job..
Gill said…
Seeing my good friend Jordi grabs the first comment slot, I've got to follow up her opening shot and the new site design, especially the sans serif. Don't know what I've got against serifs, but there we are...

(fun to come across a friend in an unexpected place!)

I'm about to move my blog and get into all the design toys - so many decisions to make.
Anonymous said…
OMG. That is tragic. Brings me back to Sept 2nd last year when a gas tank blew a home right in the middle of town and a couple was in it. the male had 80% body burnt, she 40%.
My dear, this girl needs more than prayers. Only a miracle could help.
Nonetheless, I shall do what I have to.