it's nearly blanket weather

I am happy to report that we actually had to close the windows, a little bit, the other night at bedtime.
I was weary of hearing everything going on outside all night long - the raccoons, people returning home from evenings out, even the Mystery Harmonica Player was grating on my nerves. Not that it takes much.
It's been lovely.
And every night I've been able to snuggle into my blanket, I look forward to the cold weather.


I've never been to Swans Island, but I'd love to visit.
That's where these blankets are made.


They are hand woven and hand dyed by artisans on the island.


This one is called the Equinox.
Each of them is breathtaking - and these are only photos. I can't even imagine what they feel like.


I do think some of them look like tea towels...


But the thought of one of their shawls around my shoulders is very appealing to me.

winter blanket

The winter blankets look incredibly soft and cozy.

Some of them have a vintage look -

green blanket

and some of them have a contemporary look. This one would be wonderful on our bed.

blue blanket

Any one of them would make an exquisite gift.

blankets and box

And, if you are in the mood to visit Swans Island and experience the isolation and beauty of the place, I've read that you can visit the workshop.
If you go, you should also stop in at The Saturn Press. Their hand printed letterpress cards are gorgeous and I'm sure their print shop is wonderful to see as well.
Go this fall and enjoy the colors.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I live in MIAMI, where the humidity is akin to the inside edge of a glass of water, and I cannot sleep unless it is at least 60 degrees.

...under three blankets.

Air conditioning is my best friend. Love the cold.

And where are the photos of your First Day Of School outfit, please?
Anonymous said…
Mystery harmonica players do not make good neighbors. Nor -- and unfortunately, I say this from personal experience -- do mystery bagpipers. Especially those with not enough lessons. And who like to play before 7 a.m. On Saturday.
Anonymous said…

Last night I awoke to the sound of silence--what had happened to the crickets? So odd.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love Saturn Press! In fact, I ordered three sets of their cards last year. Making mental note to add Swans Island (no apostrophe?) to New England trip agenda.
Eleanor said…
Mary said…
Oh YUM - exactly my kind of thing.

We are having that lovely kind of warm day cool night weather too!
alice c said…
Why is it that when other people wrap shawls around their shoulders they look chic... but when I do it the general effect is that the bed throw got caught in my necklace?
I'm jealous and seriously craving a "season change".

I was just talking to my husband tonight about how sad I am to head out to the pumpkin patch next week - and the temperatures are slated to be in the 90's. That's a FAR cry from the cool Falls I remember growing up in New England...

Enjoy yourself!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I have been wanting one (or three) of those blankets for a while now. And Alice C, the same thing is true of me.