the great office war

I'm going to "the office" today.
I'm going to spend some time with the person who was doing my new job so that I can make a smooth transition.

I thought I'd give you some office related things to look at while I'm gone. (Stop panicking! I'll be right back!)

Do people steal your sandwich from the lunchroom fridge?

May I have your opinion of this laptop bag?

Does this test hurt your head?

Though not especially work related, I could not resist showing you this.

Perhaps, from here on, I will refer to my employer as Vandelay Industries.

This one is not as fashionable, but it's a lot cheaper.

I've only just found this website - it's a nice exercise in appreciation.


Mary said…
Re laptop bag - I do like the first one and though I love red would go for the black.

This will be such an important part of the work wardrobe that it will be essential not to get sick of it - therefore I would not be concerning myself with matters of economy on this - that bag may have to last a very long time.

Not long now ...
Dani said…
I'm thinking neither of the two laptop bags. Can we see one in leather, please? ;)

I woke up with a headache so the test made my right eye twitch uncontrollably.

Can't wait to hear about your first day at Vandelay. :)
Poppy B. said…
I don't have TIME to follow your links because I have to get going. So I'll just lighten your day by telling you to replace the word "office" with "orifice."

It's the great orifice war.
You're heading to the orifice today.
You have an orifice job.

You're welome!
RW said…
I could not even begin the matching hue test.

If those are my only two bag choices, I vote for black too.

I love the T-shirt link. I am going to show my son.

Have a wonderful first day BB.
Amy A. said…
I actually like both bags. The first one in brown, and the second one in black, but if I were feeling sassy I would go for the chartreuse.

I'm not even going to try the color thing.
That One said…
I like both laptop bags.

I got a 16 on the Hue Test and had to work hard to uncross my eyes when I'd finished it.
barbra said…
I have perfect color vision! I would not have guessed that.

I like the laptop bags! I do like the first one a bit better, and I like the red! The second one is nice, too.

That sandwich bag is hilarious.
Anonymous said…
If I had to choose between those two bags I'd go for the second in chartreuse
The test: I LOVED it (of course it HURTS)
The website: I've been checking it since I found your blog...and you just found it? IMPOSSIBLE.
Have GREAT first day.
Anonymous said…
Good luck at The Office!

That video--I don't know when I've ever seen so many people having such a good time. And I loved how the blue ties fought the red. Mr. B and I watched it twice and now he has grand plans for his nerf guns.
Anonymous said…
I like the first laptop bag, it's got metal feet that will protect your bag should you need to place it on the floor of the train. My sister gave me one of those purse hanger things because it creeps me out to place my purse/bag on the floor of a restuaraunt.

Best wishes to you at Vandelay.
Anonymous said…
Blah, blah, blah laptop bags.

I like the Table of Condiments that Periodically Go Bad.

Hope you had a great first day...
Anonymous said…
I think you should get a laptop bag that isn't a laptop bag. Something super cool. Does it have to be all padded though? For safety?

That sandwich bag kills me. The 3BT site kills me too. How lovely to be so aware and so articulate about it.

Vanderlay or Company A? But I love the Seinfeld reference. Are you an architect? Or a marine biologist? : )

Anonymous said…
Good links! thanks
Anonymous said…
i like the first bag but don't care for the second one. Mary's advice is wise, this is an item you will use every day so choose one you love and try not to think about the price tag.

I hope your first day was a success!
Allison said…
Hey! A new blog to follow. Love the three things to appreciate!
Anonymous said…
I just came back to do the color test, and it turns out I have perfect color vision (and now, my eyes are crossing a little bit too). That was super cool. It's amazing what a little blue or yellow can do to a hue : )

Pretty Things said…
That video was just too.darned.hilarious.
Husband NEEDS the sandwich bags. People are constantly eating his lunch at work. I need to find out who tossed my refillable diet pepsi cup. They probably thought it was trash because it had the name of a gas station on it.

The "special sauce" #32 on the Table of Condiments disturbed me.
KPB said…
Hah! We call it the orifice over here too.

I'm afraid I think both of those bags look like old lady lawn-bowls bags... sorry. Go check out Crumpler for me. You are one funky lady and you can't be going to the orifice with an old lady's bowling bag.

That test did make my head hurt. I scored 10. Is that good?