the first Survivor recap of the season and the first day of my new job

I'm guessing you want to hear about the job before Survivor - or instead of Survivor.

The boys were pretty cute in the morning - teasing me about my first day. They even dragged me out to the front porch and took my picture the way I do on their first day of school.
I drove them to school and then K and I scooted to the train station.
Now I realize why Tuvalu is such a perfect commuter town - three stops and we're in town. I could walk to my office or take the subway. Yesterday I took the subway and, in a flash, I was there.
What can I say? It was indeed like the first day of school. At one point I felt like a sponge that had absorbed all it could. I was aware, later in the day, that I had a dazed look on my face. From time to time my boss checked on me and he and I and the woman I'm replacing had lunch at a diner, which was a nice break. One day of orientation was enough and I am home today, but I'm itching to be at that desk alone. I need to learn Outlook, which will take me about an hour, there is a lot I'd like to re-arrange and I want to better understand the big picture at this company.

The employment related disclaimer paragraph -

I have some figuring to do - I don't have a problem writing about my job, I would imagine that I'd write about it in the same way I write about my life at home - I've never been worried about being "dooced" at home so I don't imagine I'd ever be in that position at work. K reads my blog and I don't think he's ever been upset about any post in particular - I don't intend for M to find himself in that position either. M is my boss.
End of employment related disclaimer paragraph.

Do you still want to hear about the TWO HOUR season premiere of Survivor?
Why did it have to be TWO HOURS?
So - Gabon (say Gah-bone).
Small introductions to the country and players - young and old, wealthy and not so, all dropped into an untouched wilderness with only the clothes on their backs.
(BTW, I call bullshit on the whole "clothes on their backs" thing as women were wearing what appeared to be men's underwear within 40 minutes.)

The two oldest contestants, Bob and Gillian, start off the choosing of teams - Kota and Fang.
I'll tell you right now that I had an immediate crush on both Bob and Gillian. It could have been the fact that most of the staff I met yesterday were in their 20's, it could have been that they are both adorable, either way...

The first challenge was a race to the top of a hill for two immunity idols and camp supplies. The hill itself turned out to be much more treacherous than we thought it would be and some players had real difficulty climbing it.
The Kota team win it pretty easily and Marcus and GC each grab an immunity necklace.
The teams go off to their camps.

The Kotas (Bob, Ace, Sugar, Marcus, Charlie, Paloma, Kelly, Jaquie and Corrine- NO, I'm not checking my spelling) are amazed by their proximity to wild animals. They get to work on their shelter. Bob is especially helpful. Charlie feels a special connection to Marcus. So do we.

The Fangs (Gillian, Susie, Mattie, Randy, Dan, GC, Ken, and Michelle) dont' seem to be a cohesive unit. There are a lot of big personalities on this team and Gillian is one of them.

On the first night there is an accident as Randy cuts his head open on a branch and medics arrive to stitch him up. This serves as foreshadowing as Randy proves himself a total PITA for the next hour and a half.

Michelle is cold and skinny, but there is no time for complaining (which she does anyway) as there is a challenge in which teams of six are belted together and must wrangle an obstacle course for buried puzzle pieces. The Kotas win and the Fangs look disorganized and one of their players must be voted out.

At the first Tribal Council Jeff asks the Fangs how they think they did and then accuses them of being in denial about their performance. Much arguing ensues and it is clear they need a leader. GC is drafted into the job by virtue of opening his mouth about it and Michelle is sent home. We are outraged when they are given flint and they return to camp.

The next day, the Kota team is eating and relaxing and forming friendships. .
The Fangs, now being lead by GC are attempting to get their camp into shape. Randy doesn't like GC any more than he likes Gillian.
That night they argue more and Gillian continues to provide emotional support for the team but it all goes awry and GC resigns as their leader.

A second challenge, on day 5, provides and opportunity for more cheerleading at the bedraggled Fang camp and they paint their faces in preparation.
Large boulders must be pushed through gates, keys must be retrieved and both teams must race to a finish line - it's tight, people are clearly seen as slouching, and Kota wins again.

Dan is sent to Exile Island - a large desolate place, where he must choose between shelter and food and a clue to an immunity idol. He takes the clue and is unsuccessful in his search and somewhat miserable and disillusioned.

At camp, the Kotas have won fishing gear and catch lots of fish and have somehow modified their outfits for comfort and competing (see my earlier note concerning women in boxer briefs).

The Fang team is completely demoralized and Gillian continues her cheerleading. They work together to make their own fishing gear and do manage to catch some small fish which bolster their spirits. Dan returns and K, who has traveled to Africa, points out that the entire show could have been shot in New Jersey. (And while he is not exactly a Flat Earth kind of guy, we see what he means.)

At the final Tribal Council of the evening Gillian is, of course, sent home. We aren't surprised but I am disappointed.

If I was at work this morning you'd be getting this recap this weekend.
I'm still excited about the series, but who knows how long it will take me to write this stuff up when I am going full tilt?
I'm going to re-organize an entire COMPANY in the next few weeks, Survivor recaps may have to post on Saturdays. As it is, I have to go to work AND go to Open School Night next Thursday and so you will have to bear with me.

And now, I have to go to the wine store and look for some BLOUSES. People wear BLOUSES at work and I own two.

It's a rich and varied life I lead.


Anonymous said…
Can we see the first day of work photo? Please? I know you wore something great!

You could blur your face or do some of your creative cropping if you don't want to reveal your identity. :-)
Fannie said…
Heh, they took your picture, I LOVE it!
barbra said…
Ditto on the cute picture comments.

I have not tried looking for blouses at the wine store. Maybe that's where they all are!

Anonymous said…
I am thinking of a going-back-to-work playlist for you. For the scooter ride, check out Seeing Hands by Dengue Fever (from cd appropriately titled Venus on Earth - cover art is picture of cool couple on bike, with passenger in skirt. No Trixy bag, alas.)
Amy A. said…
Sounds like a good first day.

Not reading the survivor stuff yet. We hope to watch tonight.

Have fun shopping!
Sarah said…
Your boys are adorable. Also, a bit of unsolicited advice from one who worked temp jobs for a couple of years: Bring a spray bottle of cleaner and a roll or two of paper towels to clean off your new desk and its accessories. And try not to be freaked about how much black crud comes off. Better the crud comes off on the towels than on your gorgeous new blouses!
Anonymous said…
Glad the people you work with are nice so far--and nurturing. I remember the first days of work and they ARE just like first days of school.

Blouses. Who knew?
Unknown said…
Congratulations for getting thru your first day. How fun that your kids wanted your picture. Sweet.
(i'll read the survivor update later..its important because my sisters watch and then i'll sound like i'm hip).
Anonymous said…
I'm hugging your boys. They're divine.
I agree 100% with Sarah O. in fact I used to wipe phones and PCs with alcohol every morning before starting my shift. What? Sick you say?
Anonymous said…
Darn it I forgot to tape Survivor!
I watched grey's Anatomy and forgot it was on, Darn darn darn! Thanks for the recap :)

Found you from Magpie Files.
Anonymous said…
Damn, they sell blouses at liquor stores? Where DO you live? That is just so cool!

Love that the kids took your picture. The first week or so at a new job is so stressful. Thinking of you...
Jennifer said…
I don't even own one blouse! lol Good luck with that.

It takes everything in me to say FONG when I see FANG :)

I find it quite something that there are so many good looking men on this season and not really any overly attractive women ;)

I feel bad for Gillian. They just didn't quite "get" her I guess.

I could't stand that Michelle, and if she would have stayed anyway she might not have lived. They do lose quite a bit of weight on the show and she was far beyond skinny!

I hope you have a great time in your new job and wish you all the best!
Miz S said…
I thought about you ALL DAY yesterday.
Badger said…
I'll tell you why it had to be two hours long: just to SCREW ME OVER. Because my TiFaux will only let me record two shows in the same time slot, which meant I could only record the FIRST hour of Survivor. I blame Jeff Probst.

I haven't worn a blouse since ... I don't think I've EVER worn a blouse.

But I am excited that you get to go blouse shopping. You will show us what you get, right?

(I did buy a TOP today. A knit top. Which is not a blouse.)
Should I start posting All My Children recaps? I'll be mostly working evening shifts.
Anonymous said…
it will take you more than an hour to learn outlook, bill gates was involved...
Dani said…
Anonymous said…
It sounds like you had a nice first day. I'm so glad for you that things went smoothly.

Starting is so much better than waiting to start.

Anonymous said…
when I first read this I thought, "wow, you can buy blouses at your wine store? I wanna go there!"

I need caffeine.
Elan Morgan said…
I'm very late to this party, but congratulations on the job! I am so excited for you.
Ginnie said…
Congrats on starting the new chapter of your life! They are lucky to have you.