the week ahead, the week behind

Our lives seem to hinge on "two weeks."
Two weeks to hear about things that have been brewing for two weeks.
The boys start school in about two weeks (they are ignoring this), it's been about two weeks since K heard about an opportunity he'd like to explore (but the person he was talking to left for two weeks), I am waiting to hear about a job with someone I'd love to work with (that person is gone for two weeks), and I'm meeting with someone else who is about to offer me a job (this person would probably appreciate an answer from me within two weeks).

I suppose it is all par for the course in August, people being away.
And although we are being very good about occupying our time while we wait I have just about had enough. I feel the way I did during the last two weeks of pregnancy - one knows the baby will come but wants to know WHEN.

I'd like to phone my friend M (a professional psychic) but I'm pretty sure she is away, undoubtedly returning in two weeks. (As a side-note, I should mention that M is interested in expanding her business. She does readings over the phone and is startling accurate. If anyone would like to hire her drop me an email.)

I've got to turn my thinking around at this point as I realize that this will pass, that we will look back at this summer as (probably) my last one at home, that K has been home for several summers in the course of our lives, that my boys deserve to have fun for the next two weeks.

Middle has started his applications, he wrote to a professor last night for a letter of recommendation, is hashing out ideas for his essay (which must then be cinematographized) and could use a few more driving lessons.

Youngest has just started to get bored. I told him, the other day, that kids need to be bored during summer vacation, that he will have few times in his life where he is lucky enough to be able to sit around.

Listen to me. I'm a genius.


Ali said…
I keep trotting out the 'boredom is character building' line too! Not sure they have a clue what I'm talking about.
alice c said…
I am told that when you jump out of a plane and open your parachute there is a long period when you seem to drift gently down. And then there are the 10 seconds which are a complete blur of activity. And that is called Ground Rush.
Amy A. said…
You've done an amazing amount of stuff this summer. I'm excited to see what the next two weeks brings you.
tut-tut said…
I'm very intrigued by your psychic friend. I may e-mail you . . .

Two weeks is a good increment.
Badger said…
You have more than one psychic friend, you know. I'M JUST SAYING.
Mary said…
This is not at all helpful.

Not at all.

But I can't stand having to wait.

Told you it wasn't helpful.

Wishing you the ongoing patience that you clearly possess.
Anonymous said…
We have our "two weeks" thing starting on Wednesday...
How true what you told Youngest, which I seem to repeat many times to Brizio too. The luxury to be bored...
RW said…
We, too, just had the two weeks conversation last night. My son is ready to move on and begin grade 8. My daughter not so much.
My husband is definitely lamenting the end of summer break.
I have mixed feelings. I love the relaxed days. But, I also thrive on routine. I loved going back to school. I am thinking about lunches.
Anonymous said…
What is it about two weeks? Why did humans invent the somewhat arbitrary time frames of two weeks, a week to ten days, and the six to eight weeks for making things happen? It's bizarre. Who started this frustrating phenomenon? Especially when most of us now have cell phones and instant messaging at our disposal? Why not dump the old ways? A couple of hours, I tell you! That should do it.

Hang in there.

Jennifer said…
Weird how that happens eh?

Yeah... I now pitty my mother who put up with me being so bored during the summer. Now I completly understand what it's like when parents get excited that schools soon to be back. lol
Duyvken said…
Living in 2 week blocks makes me think of the 3 years we spent trying to conceive our 2nd child - 2 weeks to ovulation, 2 weeks to see if we were successful, 2 weeks to ovulation, 2 weeks to see if we were successful, and around and around. The other 2 were very easy to conceive for which I will always be grateful. I have a lot of respect for people who struggle with fertility. Anyway, that little aside has almost nothing to do with your post but since I've tryped it up I'll post it anyway :-) I hope the rest of the holidays are very special!

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