watch this space

If I don't post soon, K is going to put a piece of tape over my mouth.
It seems that I'm telling my family all the things I usually tell you. The narrative, it is spilling forth.
So, in no particular order, I am transcribing my mental list of post topics:

1. Juno. The movie everyone else saw, like, two years ago which I finally saw last night whilst sitting in my car for 5 hours.
2. Why I was sitting in my car for 5 hours.
3. What I saw whilst sitting in my car for five hours.
4. Money for nothing and shopping at TJ Maxx for a fee.
5. The hole on the side of my house.
6. Who I saw in the hole on the side of my house.
7. Why does the nav system in my car insist on sending me through that tunnel?

Okay, so the last one isn't really a topic - it's more of an annoyance.

I'm trying to get myself together and type (do people even say "type" anymore?) this all up.


Anonymous said…
And I cannot wait!
I loved Juno. Doesn't hurt that Ellen Paige is from here either.
Unknown said…
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Dani said…
Looking forward to it.

Miss you !
islaygirl said…
hole on the side of the house?

i just saw juno, too. a little precious, but i liked the end.
RW said…
So, you watched the movie in your car?
Anonymous said…
I say type and I am curious about why you were in your car for 5 hours watching a movie.
Morning coffee just hasn't been the same without you!
I thought you had been relaxing, but apparently not.
Anonymous said…
Uh oh. What or who di dyou see in the hole (?) in your house?
See, you can't leave us...look what happens!
Anonymous said…
Missing the narrative. Spill it, bb.

Amy A. said…
'twere'nt much of a break there, bb. But I'm glad you're back!
Pretty Things said…
LOL on the nav system. Mine avoids ALL toll roads to my detriment, and it hates taking me to Baltimore. Kinda bad when I need to travel those toll roads to get there on time!
Kathy Rogers said…
The hole is large enough to contain a "who?" Yikes.

I have spent many an hour waiting in my car. It never occurred to me to bring a laptop or DVD player.
KPB said…

I've been bereft.
Wendy said…
There wasn't a bat in that hole, was there?
Anonymous said…
I was begining to wonder if maybe you went camping with Sharyn. I gotta tell you, having you BOTH off the air at the same time sucks!
So after 5 hours, did he or you get it?
Anonymous said…
We miss you madly

Anonymous said…
I only saw Juno last week too. I adored it. It made me feel good about humanity.
Anonymous said…
I am glad you're back. Juno? For me, a letdown.

Anonymous said…
I just saw Juno about a month ago. Is is weird that I love J.K. Simmons?