As my brain swims through the possibilities of employment and employers and the commute, I find myself contemplating what I will wear to work.
I haven't worked in a long time and, in that time, I have honed my look to perfection.
Okay, maybe not perfection per se, but I definitely have a look that is all mine and I have no intention of abandoning it for suits and trousers.
What to do...what to wear?
I've scanned countless websites - I'm not built for J Crew, The Gap is too young for me, and I'm just not a Talbots kind of gal. But I will need clothes - not so much for my bottom half but the top half of my wardrobe consists of many variations of black tee shirts and turtlenecks.
With a large budget I'd run, like a crazy woman, to Dosa, but I don't have a large budget and Old Navy duds are not going to cut it.
The only answer is for me (when employed) to purchase a few good quality garments that are true to my style.
It's handy that I am an excellent internet researcher as I have found, I have always known about
Le Bouton.
If and when I am employed I would very much like to purchase the following items:


One beautiful linen shirt with gorgeous detail on the back. Sadly, I didn't download a photo of the back...

three pocket tunic

this three pocket tunic, shown on a child but also available in adult sizes...


a fabulous straight skirt - not too long and not too short,

alpaca top

a "warm" black alpaca top that matches everything I own,


a blouse in which I will imagine that I am tall and thin and flat chested,
and, finally, this wonderful little jacket.


Le Bouton is closed until September, but that's okay - I can't imagine I'll need these things before then.

All I need is the job.


Dani said…
You'll find comparable items for less money. I have faith in you. :)

And you WILL need them.

(word verification is 'oympivo'. kinda' look like it could be 'olympics' in another language.)
Our company dress code just went from "business casual" to "business professional". Oy Vey, I'm just not that kinda girl.

Dressy clothes give me anxiety. Every sample piece that our boss passed around at the last meeting as "acceptable" was a polyester blend. Gave me the willies.
Angela said…
It's funny. Although I've never seen your face, I am 94% confident I could recognize you on the street. I hereby describe your style as Tranquil Urban Smartness. And I adore each of the items you've chosen.
Miz S said…
Your future comrades in the workplace will be dazzled by your style.

In Tuvalu one commutes by train, yes? It will give you time to think. Oh wait. Thinking is bad because it gives us headaches. Maybe you will have to take up reading.
alice c said…
Angela - you are hereby promoted to Number 1 commenter - Tranquil Urban Smartness has become my goal in life and I didn't even know I needed that goal.

You WILL need the clothes and before long you WILL have the work wardrobe that all your colleagues aspire to.
Anonymous said…
Oh I can see you in each and every item you chose.
You look lovely, as usual.
Badger said…
I am hyperventilating over here.
Wendy said…
Yes, Tranquil Urban Smartness says it all.

I'll take one of each please.

Except the tunic - I'll take two for the girls.
Poppy B. said…
OK, I shop at the Talbots. And therefore, I have no sense of style.
But if I were you, I'd check out Garnet Hill and Hanna Anderson. They both have lots of solid-color drapey clothes, they both have frequent sales, and they both have PETITES.
Chris said…
I am sure whatever you find will be just perfect. I tried going back to work last year, at night. Didn't work out for our family but I have young kids still. When they hit high school age I will try again.

I am sure a great job is right around the corner for you!
Caterina said…
That linen blouse looks absolutely gorgeous. And I love the straight skirt. And while I could never pull off the other items, I bet they will look fabulous on you. Can't wait to hear about the shoe shopping! I have the hardest time with shoes since I wear a 10/11 (!!!).

No IF or WHEN about it, you will get the job and soon :)

Anonymous said…
Lovely, simple, very much with European flair. Exactly what I picture you wearing!

I think for me that might be the hardest part about going back to work--finding something to wear. Unless I get a job with the forestry department. Then I'm totally outfitted.
Eliane said…
That tall and thin and flat chested woman on that photo looks like she is terminally ill. I am so glad you don't look like that. Good luck with the job hunt!
Anonymous said…
I had a comment--where did it go? I love your Le Bouton picks. They remind me Eileen Fisher. What do you think of that stuff?

And of course, you'll need more than A pair of shoes, right? That's the best part. Planning your daily outfit around which shoes you are in the mood to wear.

Anonymous said…
Oh, and by Eileen Fisher, I guess I mean the stuff that they sell via the Garnet Hill catalog and website.

tut-tut said…
You are much more courageous than I; a wardrobe is no longer in my purview. I'm sure you'll pull it all off with panache.
try...JJill.very affordble and the clothes wash beautifully.
RW said…
I love the tunic!
Anonymous said…
I love that little jacket. I don't think my muscular, ahem, arms would fit through those tiny sleeves, though. I like all your selections. Why aren't there more tunics in the world?
Unknown said…
I would also suggest considering Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor LOFT for affordable work-appropriate separates, that, yes, come in petites.

They've been helping me bridge the gap between Old Navy and Barney's or Saks, which would be be two of my shops of choice if I could afford them. Or Searle.

Looking forward to hearing the good new job news!
Mary said…
Oh that three pocket tunic - just love it.

You will get a job - as a former recruitment consultant my only advice would be to take the job that really sings to you rather than taking one "just in case"...
Anonymous said…
I owe my first born to Talbots. Tailored clothing in basic styles along with some really cute jackets.

I do not, however, own any pink pants with palm trees.
Burgh Baby said…
You have most excellent taste. I hope the job works out so that you have an excuse to buy every single one of those items!
Anonymous said…
Hi Blackbird and co,
I haven't commented for a while as I have gone back to work, I am teaching full time on temporary contracts with our government education department. I found my wardrobe to consist of second hand buys from thrift stores and markets and chain store buys. It's holding up so far. But I do like BB's approach. You would always be a great Retail Buyer or Merchandiser with your skills BB!
In the meantime Im on the lookout for a linen shirt.....