stumbled upon

Age maps. Strangely beautiful.

Lucky you. How to make surprise balls.

Dresses for less!

Tawra feeds her family for $300 a month.

A salad I'd love to try.

A great source for handmade gift ideas.

Shop visually.

Catch up on the latest Starbucks gossip.


Mary said…
That was good fun.

Really good fun actually.

Can you make stumbled upon a regular feature?

You probably do but I am too lazy to go through the archives!
Wendy said…
Age maps. I'm thinking just strange.

Those surprise balls would be great for birthday party favors! I still have two kid parties to pull off within a month.

That book has wonderful projects in it. I've given several as gifts. In fact, I still owe one to Angie.
Anonymous said…
The age maps are a little creepy, but I love the surprise balls.
Anonymous said…
I was fascinated by the age maps...
Anonymous said…
Stumble is a trip. That salad, yum! I'd love to get a surprise ball, but they look too putzy for my taste to ever want to make them.
Thanks for the link to Surprise Balls. I have a boatload of little nieces and nephews that would get a kick out of those!

Now, wherever I go, I'll be looking for little things to add.
That One said…
Enjoyed this list. Got a copy of the book on reserve at the library. Heavenly clothes are very cute and the price is right.
Anonymous said…
Visual shopping? So cool, but I sense a time sucker. Some of us get a little too engrossed in virtual shopping, heh. BTW, I played the Smashing Pumpkins video in my feed reader. THANK YOU! That was exactly what I needed today.
might I add...? said…
So the age maps were fascinating/bizarre. But the Family Tree (within the same site), where the photographer took photos of parents and their children and spliced them together was even more fascinating to me.

It took me a little while to realize that each pair was wearing the same shirt, which helped in the splice.

And the surprise balls! wow! what a great idea! I think I'm going to use that next time we have some small gifts to give.
Anonymous said…
Fun, indeed. Add mine to the vote to make this an occasional regular feature.
KPB said…
I've only got as far as the age maps. Which have creeped me out.
Anonymous said…
Age maps are incredible. You can really see the adult in the child.

Thanks for the tour.