so many projects, so MUCH DAMN TIME

We are still managing to stave off boredom. Sometimes we are assisted by mother nature - in the form of a terrific hail storm and flooding rain.

hail 2

(An unimpressive shot of the hail in our yard.)


(The white stuff beyond the porch rail is hail!)

The storm was impressive, and so was the amount of water pouring into our basement.
It was all The River over here.
We were busy for quite a while what with the mopping and syphoning and shop-vacking and diverting and bailing. Very busy.

But we're not always so lucky. Sometimes we have to make our own fun.
What have we been up to?
Well, let's see...

monopoly, star wars monopoly

SOMEONE thought it would be a hoot to play Monopoly. STAR WARS MONOPOLY. And, I have to say, once we got over the mildew smell (SW Monopoly has been stored in the basement for YEARS. Have I mentioned that the basement floods sometimes?) it was kind of fun. Hilarity ensued. It took TWO sittings for us to finish the game! Do I sound excited?
Holding the deeds to Yavin Four and Endor can be quite profitable.

Youngest bankroll

There was some wheeling and dealing, but, in the end it was Youngest against K and K won and order was restored to the universe. TWO sittings, people. I only wish I could recall some of the incredibly funny Star Wars jokes we made.

K and Middle made a few batches of sausage.

sausage works

What? Stuffing collagen casings with ground pork and spices isn't your idea of a fun summer afternoon?

sausage, catching

I see what you mean. But eating it is pretty terrific.

How about putting together some very complicated lasagna rolls? With spinach and ricotta cheese?

I know.
But we're trying.

Middle just grabbed a 55 gallon fish tank from the garbage. He's going to shoot some "cloud tank" shots with condensed milk.
I'll keep you posted.


RW said…
I am pretty impressed with the sausage making enterprise.

Did you plan ahead or was that spur of the moment?
Anonymous said…
Storms, hail and flood...Jayzus. It's gettin' all Biblical up there in Tuvalu. It's the wrath o' YOUKNOWWHO.
Anonymous said…
Oooh I'd love to make sausage! What fun! What flavor is it?
Allison said…
Oh--I could do that if I just got the attachment for my mixer! Where the heck do you get the casings?
Anonymous said…
These guys must come over when it's time for the pigs to "go"...I can definitely see them helping do Salsiccia, salame, pork chops and all the rest that they make from those pigs
Dani said…
Your kids don't need no stinkin' school. They learn more at home in one Summer than most kids learn in 12 years.

There's a money making opportunity for ya'... Blackbird Summer Camp. I'll send my kids to you and you can do all the cool stuff that I say I want to do, but never actually ACT on. :)
Badger said…
That IS my idea of a fun summer afternoon, actually. But you probably knew that.
Miz S said…
Mmmm. Snausages...
Anonymous said…
Go to Jail seems a bit banal for a game where you can save the universe, don't you think? Shouldn't it be more like "GET ENCASED IN CARBONITE AND BECOME A COFFEE TABLE FOR JABBA THE HUT?"
I'm just sayin'!
Unknown said…
I'm sorry, did you say something? I was all distracted by the Manolos in the side bar.

(Which, I'm sure, comes as no surprise to you.)

Collagen casings? That intrigues me...
BOSSY said…
Why thank you, Bossy would love to collect $200. (And she'll get you out of jail free.)
KPB said…
All Felix wants to do is play a family game of monopoly. My HOUR spent cleaning the dining room table was in part so it could perhaps become a reality. Anything to stop the nightly fuss and sibling fights about going to bed/sharing air/looking at each other.

I'm sorry, but that hail storm looks pretty piss poor. The thought of a flooding basement however is awful. Beyond painful.

Oh, and of course K won - he is the Yoda and Obi Wan of the Blackbird household I suspect. (with Middle in waiting)
KPB said…
I'm not sure I want to know what cloud shots are considering they involve condensed milk. Anything involving this food stuff that does not involve just standing over an open tin with a ladle makes me nervous.
Anonymous said…
Just so happens I have an empty fish tank and a tin of condensed milk here. Pip and I will be busy at the weekend now!
Helena said…
I'm so amazed at how much stuff you manage to cram into one day. And always different things. If I had half of your creativity I'd be happy!
Anonymous said…
I am very much into the stone steps in your backyard.

And collagen caseings for sausage--I had no idea they existed. I learned something today already! Yea! Now I don't need to leave my apartment.