the Saks Fifth Avenue catalogue has arrived

Thank heavens!
My working wardrobe prayers have been answered. Or have they?

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This outfit just "says it all," doesn't it? Perfect for my first day.

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Ralph Lauren could "take me anywhere" in this little number. At $2498.00 it could also take me straight to the poorhouse. Nice though.


What say you? Too GOLD? Alexander McQueen has a lovely way with fabric. Prices too, it's $7980. Such a silly number. Why not $8000? I ask you.

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McQueen again. The jacket goes for $1670. Much more casual, don't you think?

Mr. Armani is better suited (heh heh) to the workplace.


This beautiful jacket is only $1295. A steal.

Here is a perfectly reasonable dress for work from Burberry.

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Sadly, $895 is more than I wanted to spend on my entire working wardrobe.

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What about something from Donna Karan? The jacket is $3995.

Every working wardrobe can use a merino turtleneck.

D & G

But I think I can get one from J Crew for slightly less than $795.

Oh, Saks, I'm afraid that you might be nice to date, but I can't marry you.


Helena said…
Do you have a H&M-store where you live? Muuuuch cheaper.
Anonymous said…
Don't worry about the McQueen jacket - how about those pants! You could just paint them on with a super shiny paint and say that you are wearing pants. It would look the same.
Anonymous said…
That catalog is almost a joke, because who can afford those prices?
Stephanie said…
I hope you really do share your wardrobe when you get it.

Badger said…
They took $20 off the McQueen gold dress for the way it gives even a 98-lb. model saddlebags.
Dani said…
Whip out the Amex Black card and be done with it. ;)
Sarah said…
Gack! The dirndl skirt is BACK?!
I got a lovely cardigan sweater at JCPenney down to $12 from $40 and a nice sensible but swingy balck skirt at Sears for $6 down from $36

I was drawn like a magnet to the clearance racks. Hey, atleast I wasn't in DRESS BARN!!

I love the Ralph Lauren dress but think it would look really hideous on my chubby body.
Anonymous said…
To me, outfits #2 and 6 look most appropriate if your new vocation is Funeral Director. Love #5 though.
jordi said…
I will admit that it has been a while since I have LOOKED at a Saks catalog. I think I might need a defibrillator nearby. I do love some of the shapes but the skirt on #3 would make the old Twiggy look hippy, and not in a good way.
Anonymous said…
Thank you.

You've made me feel much better about the $60 t-shirts I bought at J.Crew this summer.
Mrs. G. said…
You need to come to my house and I will take you the rich people's Goodwill. It's like Nordstroms. Much better prices.
Anonymous said…
I love fashion. But it really does just get ridiculous. A sweater shouldn't cost as much as a small couch.

Maybe try Club Monaco? Kenneth Cole? Their sale markdowns anyway. Won't places like H&M be too cheapy/ trendy? Gosh, I'm excited for you!

Anonymous said…
I believe the editors at Real Simple were lying when they said they had solutions for every wardrobe for any budget. Yowza!
KPB said…
Me + turtleneck = realisation that I am Mae West.
Suse said…
Did I ever tell you about the Donna Karan dress I got from the op shop for $1.50??
Mary said…
I love the Ralph Lauren dress too. My, how it would cling to every bump and curve on my body.

I might have been able to wear it when I was eleven!
Duyvken said…
Love the burberry dress! But yes, fantasy shopping only, even if I had a tonne of cash I don't think I would be able to justify spending that much. It's more than twice what I spent on my wedding dress!
Joke said…
#4 gave me a painful flashback to teh days when women wore Fiorucci and thought it a good thing; the piratical fillip did not help.

All that ensemble needed was a blown-out Roseanne Rosanna Danna hairdo.

Shuddering freely,