open letters

Dear flickreenos:

- not sure about the cutesy title, but if that's how you sign emails, that's how I'll address you.
I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for letting me back into my orphaned flickr account and I'm sure all 654 of my readers would thank you too as I CAN NOW POST PHOTOS.
I know it may not be a big deal for some people to lose all access to over 6000 pictures of shoes and cheese but it was making me crazy.
I also want to point out that the whole thing was partly my own damn fault - it's true, I changed my email address and didn't let you know. But then you went and merged with Yahoo and the shit hit the fan.
BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER because all is well right now...I mean, my husband still needs work but I don't think that's anything you can help with.

Hugs and kisses,
blackbird (not blackbird17)

Dear Gods Of Weather:

Do you think you guys could turn it down a notch? It's kind of hot over here. Humid too.
I've almost had enough and you don't want to be around WHEN I'VE HAD ENOUGH.

Get on it,

Dear Little Bunny Who Lives In My Yard,

I've spotted you eating our grass and plants for several weeks now but you still look kind of skanky and thin. I'm thinking you may want to see a doctor. Seriously? There are large areas of grass missing out back - you should look a little pudgier.

The human who keeps the dog inside when you are on the property

To The Neighbors Who Are Renovating Down The Block:

Hey, look, we've all renovated. I know it's a pain in the ass to have a dumpster in the driveway, to listen to that compressor all day and the nail guns? Oy. And it IS hot out, so I can understand why most of your crew is shirtless - but, the thing is, your house is nearly a block away from mine so I'd appreciate it if you'd ask the rather large, hairy, sweaty shirtless guy to park closer to your end of the block as his gigantic Ford F350 with the heavy duty tires and chrome is harshing my mellow parked in front of my house. ( I should also mention that that is where Oldest parks and if he comes home and that truck is there, well, let's just say I won't be responsible for what happens next.)

You ought to let that poor dog inside too. I don't even like dogs and I feel pretty bad about him being out in this heat all day.

I'm not kidding,

The neighbor who might just lose it.

Dear Dr. Z. -

Please be gentle with K's tooth, he's pretty stoic but I can tell he's in pain.

your pal, bb

Dear Readers,

Thanks for caring so much about me. I'm doing okay and really appreciate how kind you were
yesterday what with the checking in and all.
It warmed my heart which was okay EVEN THOUGH IT'S DAMN HOT HERE.

I less than three you,



Anonymous said…
So today is a better day?

Good luck with all those letters, especially with the shirtless construction guys. We've already had our first butt crack incident at our construction site.
Kathy Rogers said…
So, what's the weather like?
Anonymous said…
The bunny concerns me too at this point
heat has been raising every day here too
unmitigated me said…
The real flickr loss was the ones featuring BOTH shoes AND cheese. And I am having an especially hard time pronouncing flickreenos. Flick-reenos? Flick-er-eenos? Flick-just-a-little-too-precious?
Amy A. said…
Yay, flicker! I'm glad your pics are back.

For you: I'm hoping that K gets a big job and you can put aside your corporate aspirations for awhile. Although I'm sure the corporate world will wonder how they ever lived without you once you get there. :)
Miz S said…
I like it when you feel sorry for dogs.

And I less than 3 you, too.
Anonymous said…
Oh, poor dogs, poor K, poor bunny. You are so compassionate.
I hope your lunch was nice yesterday and that the next round of half-nekkid carpenters are hawt and that the humidity breaks with a cool breeze.
Anonymous said…
Nice to get all of that off your chest, eh? And good news about the pix. I'll be posting some of our nice new place soon, and will let you know.

Dani said…
*SO* glad to hear about the Flickr resolution. I thought I was gonna' have to go kick some Flickr ass for you.

Can I send your letter to my little brown bunny, too? He just made an appearance around here this week and he's a bit *tiny*. Very cute, but a bit emaciated, IMO. Oh, and I keep the dog in, too. It's the least I can do so he'll eat more and maybe fatten up a bit. :)

I less than three you, too. :)
Mary said…
That's my girl! I'm wishing cooling breezes your way!
alice c said…
It may be Friday but if you are worried about dogs and bunnies I am REALLY worried about you.
Anonymous said…
Ah, the workman problem. I had to speak to our contractor about the harsh language being used by the foundation crew, aka the idiot crew. After all, there were small children present. And the neighbors complained to me about the speed at which certain construction worker pickups whizzed past their houses; small children present there, too.

Good luck!
Jennifer said…
How hot is hot with the humidex? It's quite warm here, but I've not really had to much to complain about this summer. Surprising I know... and don't worry.. I know I just totally jinxed myself :)
Velma said…
I've finally caught up on your last month, so I'm commenting on a couple things.

1. You know I, too, loove me some open letters, so I enjoyed these.

2. Paper mache: trust me on this - use watered down white glue, not flour, and torn newpaper. Works great, dries pretty quick, with a surprising amount of strength.

3. Loved reading about BlogHere - sounds like a weekend I can be jealous of!

4. Couldn't figure out when your CC trip was happening, but then realized that you were here while I was in Ireland. Figures.

5. Uhm, what else? Happy August?