the Olympics

We've been watching for a week now and I've contemplated several different topics to post on.
I could write plenty about the opening ceremony which I found impressive, to say the least.
I like the dresses that the women at the medal ceremonies wear, but it's not a whole post. Without the drama and crazy costumes of the ice sports I find myself spending more time seeing the athletes and less time looking at their shorts - though I could say a few things about the beach volleyball uniforms.

There are plenty of funny/snarky photos on the web...

Phelps tattoos

Here's a shot of Michael Phelps you won't see every day.


Worthy of a caption contest. I'll pass.

beach <span class=

Some kind of ass-hug. Obviously.

<span class=

I won't say anything funny about water polo. Many staunch water polo supporters read this blog. Who knew.

So, yes, plenty to work with if I were writing a "funny post" (be happy I spared you the shots of the hairy wrestler and the weight lifter with the horribly broken arm) but, as I scanned the web for "funny" shots I found that I wasn't in the mood.
It's this kind of shot that moves me now.

Phelps flowers

Mr. Phelps, of whom far too much is written and speculated, but whose only contact with his mom last week was to hand her his flowers.


A very sweet moment of victory.


After making fun of the American fencer's facial expressions and exaggerated victory howls for an hour, I am touched by this hug.

Jamaican runner

Awed by her speed.


Stunned by their skill.


Delighted that she is older, amazed by her endurance.


Proud for their country.

And what of my Tuvaluan team?
Not a photo to be found. I've searched high and low and researched their names and found very little.


No one expected them to medal, but I haven't even seen a story about this being their first year competing.
Perhaps my Australian friends have...


It's not over yet, so there's still time for me to poke fun.
Right after I wipe the tears away.


Anonymous said…
I think the Tuvaluan "strong" events are still to come...

Chin up!

Anonymous said…
last night for an hour I watched womens table tennis (not ping pong, apparently) online. no commentary, which was a little odd, but somehow refreshing.

I like the online option, you can watch anything.

did you see the frenchman who was too old to represent his country in slalom kayaking? He chose to represent Togo, where his father was from, and won bronze. that makes me cry just thinking about it.

and I would be impressed by Dara Torres, who looks amazing at 41 post baby, if only she hadn't posed for Maxim magazine.

unmitigated me said…
More power to Dara - that training is expensive. And if Michael Phelps is gonna wear his suit like that, he should get a manzilian. All the better to show off the tatts.
Joke said…
Yeah, that whole Maxim thing kinda deflates her in my estimation.

Not that she asked.

Badger said…
I'm not watching. I KNOW. It frays my nerves, okay?

BUT. I am totally giving you an ass hug if/when we finally meet. You can give me one, too. I've got a lot of ass to hug, yo.
Karla May said…
I watched the Romanian marathoner on Saturday night, and bawled when she entered the stadium. I have no idea why I was so moved, but I was.

I was also impressed with the 33 yr. old German woman who won a silver in the women's vault last night. Talk about endurance...

Olympic fever: I has it.
RW said…
Prior to the weekend there was much hand wringing and debate about the fact that Canada had not won one single medal. Apparently we are on the board now. There is much debate on talk radio as to WHY.
Pretty Things said…
I adored Michael Phelps mom, she's too cute for words. And he's pretty amazing.

Love the marathoner -- I watched her and kept hoping she could keep that distance between her and the pack up.

Also love Dana Torres, for being a 41-year old swimmer (with a 2-year old) with amazing sportmanship.
Anonymous said…
Funny and lovely. I haven't teared up during these O Games because I haven't seen enough, I guess. But this post made me smile and get a welcome little lump in my throat.

Also--when I do watch, I find myself listening to how many times the announcers say BeiZhing instead of Beijing with a hard J--especially now that the good folks at NPR pointed out the difference to me. It's annoying! Like when people say Ralph LauREN instead of plain old Lauren.

Anonymous said…
Yes, it's the moments of sheer joy and elation that move me too. Thanks for keeping the hairy wrestler pics off our blog.
alice c said…
Having someone to hold your stomach is an expensive alternative to Spandex - especially if they have to have immaculate manicures.
Jennifer said…
I don't watch the Olympics... but after these funny pics.. i just might!
Suse said…
That's funny, this time around I keep noticing just how often Tuvalu is mentioned!

Although I wondered if they are always mentioned this often and I'm just more aware of it now that I know a real live Tuvaluan. It was the same at the Commonwealth Games two years ago, Tuvalu this, Tuvalu that. Almost got sick of 'em really.

(Is this their first time competing? I didn't know that ... are you sure?)
BabelBabe said…
i strangely enjoyed the water polo i watched (seriously, I think it's my new second favorite sport next to ice hockey), but why oh why don't these manly men get little caps with chin straps instead of big floppy tied bows? It's distracting.