in which they made ice cream

Youngest decided on vanilla Oreo ice cream.


The Ben And Jerry's cookbook is a good starting point.

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At some point, Middle decided he needed to wear a fedora.

ice cream production

I wasn't home so K took pictures while they mixed,

whisking <span class=

and whisked,

the mix cropped

and poured,


and spilled, and churned and froze.

in the freezer

I was fortunate enough to be home when they ate it -

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and it was very good.


KPB said…
Homemade icecream is sublime.
It looks like that was a successful experiment!
My first thought was that you were standing on a chair to get those overhead shots.
alice c said…
Move over Ben & Jerry - this is the Middle & Youngest show now.
Anonymous said…
Homemade is the best. Great summertime adventure!
Badger said…
I've GOT to get that cookbook. We are getting bored ovah heah.

But I found a recipe for chocolate ice cream made with coconut milk (i.e., non-dairy) and I am TOTALLY making that today.
Jennifer said…
OH man that looks good!
That One said…
Ben & Jerry's has a cookbook?

Jeez, what rock have I been living under?
Anonymous said…
We love that cookbook and even have a strong preference between the two chocolate ice cream recipes.
Anonymous said…
PS next summer I am totally sending Brizio over for "summer camp". HE
unmitigated me said…
Now, for the grownups? Find a good recipe for lime basil sorbet. Heaven.

Good recipe = fresh lime juice, finely chopped fresh basil,simple syrup (water/sugar mix boiled until it thickens).
RW said…
This is a fantastic idea.
I think we shall make some ice cream this morning too!
nom nom nom nom nom.
that's all i have to say.
it looks fantastic.
Anonymous said…
Oreo ice cream is the best. Homemade Ben & Jerry's Oreo ice cream has to be over the top.

It's time for me to break out the ice cream freezer that was a wedding gift almost 10 years ago. And bb, I realized from your archives that we have the same wedding anniversary date. What about that.

Pretty Things said…
That brings back memories of the crank-style one we had when I was growing up -- but we never had Oreo ice cream, it always had something I didn't like, like peaches.
Dani said…
Now I need to go buy an ice cream maker.

I need to make my own peanut butter cup ice cream.

Any suggestions?
Anonymous said…
That looks excellent. I'm curious to know how the coffee ice cream turned out. If only there were samples available!
Anonymous said…
Fedora / chef's hat... I see very little difference.
Mary said…
And I am delighted to see two young fellas in the kitchen.

I hope to see my own boys follow their father's example and become excellent cooks!