in which I cheap out and let my radio do the talking, er, posting

Trouble don't 257

Trouble don't last always.

26 radio

Okay. A little heavy. But exhilarating.

I'll Remember 259

Nope. I don't remember April.

rumor of the sun 260

A rumor! Of the sun!

That Did It 261

That did it...

Chairman 262

I could use an hour with a chairman. Or a phone call even.

How Glory Goes 263

But that IS how glory goes, isn't it?

Rigoletto 264

Some Rigoletto to distract me.

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What? Oh, all right.


Well hello yourself.

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I love me some Prokofiev.

it's okay 270

It IS okay that I'm this way.

Are you ready for the big finish?
I missed the shot. It was Chicago, doing FEELING STRONGER EVERY DAY.

And that, my friends, is how I spent four minutes of the 5 hours sitting in my car the other night while Middle was inside an arena watching his very favorite band.
Stayed tuned as tomorrow I will deliver my report on what goes on in the parking lot of a major sports arena during a four hour concert.
Yes, there will be pictures.


Anonymous said…
I can't wait!

(weren't you a little scared all alone in a car in a parking lot at night?)
Mrs. G. said…
Oh the things we moms do in cars while waiting for kids.
Dani said…
I was very relieved to read at the end that you were sitting STILL while taking those pics. :)

I look forward to part II.
Anonymous said…
Seriously? You sat in the parking lot while he went to the concert?
My parents would have never done that for ...oh man, can I go back and start again please?
Anonymous said…
4 whole minutes huh?
Jump back Jack!!!
See, now don't you wish you were a reader?
By the way, did you look to see if the concert place had a parents lounge? Alot of them do these days.
Just a thought.
Anonymous said…
If MY kids ever hear about this you are dead to me.

You're a much greater Mom than I. Sincerely.
Anonymous said…
Juno must have taken about 2 hours and this was only 4 minutes - how on earth did you spend the other 2 1/2 hours?

You are a good Mom, indeed! Hat's off.
Anonymous said…
Did you rocket like "Heavy Metal Parking Lot"?
Mary said…
I was smiling all through this.

Until I got to the end.

And I saw a vision of the future.

And I was very disturbed.
Anonymous said…
Looks like there was some serious Bible-bangin' going on in that car.

Hopefully not five hours worth.

Duyvken said…
LOL, I look forward to it. You're a good mom!
Anonymous said…
...was K with you???
You should be AWARDED for what you did there.
Anonymous said…
Some places like that have a "quiet room" for parents in your situation. But then you wouldn't have been able to watch the movie or listen to the radio.
Anonymous said…
Omigod, five hours in a car? Even with a movie, that is a heck of a long time. Did you have your knitting with you? Do you knit? That's what I would have done, knitted and listened to an audiobook.
The longest I've ever waited in the car for a kid was 2 hours.
Nap Time!.