the food meme

Lifted from Sinda.

1)Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you have eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
4) Optional extra: Post a comment here at Very Good Taste linking to your results.

I don't feel like coding all the strike-throughs.

1. Venison - at The Four Seasons. Superb.
2. Nettle tea - not that I'd mind.
3. Huevos rancheros - maybe I have?
4. Steak tartare - tasted my mom's, also at TFS
5. Crocodile - in Florida, where else?
6. Black pudding - wouldn't. Not into it.
7. Cheese fondue - probably twice a winter.
8. Carp - never had the occasion.
9. Borscht - but I'd like it. I love beets.
10. Baba ghanoush - my brother was married to a Greek woman.
11. Calamari - when it's good, it's good, when it's bad, it's rubberbands.
12. Pho - no.
13. PB&J sandwich - all the time.
14. Aloo gobi - I'm sure I must have.
15. Hot dog from a street cart, meat on a stick too - once you get over the fear it's good.
16. Epoisses - non.
17. Black truffle - shaved, over something, can't remember over what.
18. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes - I must have.
19. Steamed pork buns - but I don't really like them.
20. Pistachio ice cream - why is it green?
21. Heirloom tomatoes - worth the money.
22. Fresh wild berries - in the field.
23. Foie gras - silky smooth.
24. Rice and beans - love em.
25. Brawn, or head cheese - yeah, not into it.
26. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper - K grew them one year. Dangerous!
27. Dulce de leche - can you believe it? I've had the ice cream flavor.
28. Oysters - A. I don't like shellfish and 2. too gooey.
29. Baklava - marrying the Greek woman? A mistake.
30. Bagna cauda - whata whooda?
31. Wasabi peas - though I prefer wasabi peanuts.
32. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl - New England chowder. I don't need the bread.
33. Salted lassi - never heard of it unsalted either.
34. Sauerkraut - but I never remember to buy it.
35. Root beer float - the foam makes me a little crazy though.
36. Cognac with a fat cigar - at that wedding, the one that was a mistake.
37. Clotted cream tea - it doesn't sound good.
38. Vodka jelly/Jell-O - a blue one.
39. Gumbo - K makes a decent gumbo.
40. Oxtail - K made this while I was pregnant. Three extra days of puking.
41. Curried goat - in Jamaica.
42. Whole insects - I'll pass.
43. Phaal - wha?
44. Goat’s milk - goat's milk cheese.
45. Malt whisky from a bottle worth £60/$120 or more - I'd like to.
46. Fugu - K has, I don't particularly care.
47. Chicken tikka masala - I like it very much.
48. Eel - no thanks.
49. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut - but they've got to be fresh.
50. Sea urchin - nope.
51. Prickly pear - no, and I'm allergic to a lot of fruit so I'm not experimenting.
52. Umeboshi - no.
53. Abalone - is it gooshy? NO.
54. Paneer - I don't think so. Maybe.
55. McDonald’s Big Mac Meal - ONCE A YEAR.
56. Spaetzle - no, but I would.
57. Dirty gin martini - no, but I would.
58. Beer above 8% ABV - not that I know of.
59. Poutine - maybe. I have some Irish friends.
60. Carob chips - sadly. Carob is such a poor excuse.
61. S’mores -yeah sure.
62. Sweetbreads - tasted some, bad consistency for me. Not really into organ meats.
63. Kaolin - like Shaolin but food?
64. Currywurst - nope.
65. Durian - do I want to know what this is?
66. Frogs’ legs - taste like chicken!
67. Beignets, churros, elephant ears or funnel cake - all good.
68. Haggis - not really into the whole stuffed thing.
69. Fried plantain - pretty good.
70. Chitterlings, or andouillette - chitterlings, when I was little, never again.
71. Gazpacho - yeah yeah.
72. Caviar and blini - you can keep the blini.
73. Louche absinthe - absinthe seems a little scary to me.
74. Gjetost, or brunost - no clue.
75. Roadkill - I think I'd rather have Gjetost.
76. Baijiu - no.
77. Hostess Fruit Pie - I'm just remembering how strangely greasy they are.
78. Snail - there was a very good French restaurant near my childhood home.
79. Lapsang souchong - is this a big deal?
80. Bellini - I would.
81. Tom yum - don't know what this is.
82. Eggs Benedict - I have to be in the mood.
83. Pocky - Pocky goodness!
84. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant -
I'm pretty sure.
85. Kobe beef - I'd like to, just haven't had the chance.
86. Hare - on Easter!
87. Goulash - at the Russian Tea Room maybe?
88. Flowers - like nasturtium? yeah.
89. Horse - in France.
90. Criollo chocolate - what? Mexican? I think so.
91. Spam - don't really care to.
92. Soft shell crab - one of K's favorites. Not mine.
93. Rose harissa - identify it and I might.
94. Catfish - in Oklahoma, in the middle of nowhere.
95. Mole poblano - a specialty of the house.
96. Bagel and lox - no lox for me, thanks.
97. Lobster Thermidor - yeah, sure.
98. Polenta - anything corn is good for me.
99. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee - in Jamaica.
100. Snake - not in a million years.


Badger said…
I may have to do this one. And dude, prickly pear is A CACTUS. (Though it does have a fruit on it, of sorts.)
Suse said…
Lassi is that delicious yoghurt drink you have with Indian food.

Nope, you don't want to know what durian is. But I'm going to tell you anyway because I'm like that. It's a highly prized tropical fruit that smells like rotting meat. You either love it or loathe it.

The word verif is sxfuc. Appropriate, for a food porn post.
Suse said…
and tom yum is that hot and sour Thai soup.
Jan said…
Ume boshi is (are?) delicious! Japanese pickled plums which I've eaten tucked in the middle of rice balls...a tasty treat to take along on a long train trip.
I think it's time for another trip to Japan.
Anonymous said…
Clotted cream tea (based on my limited experience) is divine! - scones, raspberry jam, tea and thick thick (clotted) cream. YUM!!
Anonymous said…
poutine? irish?

naaah its actually from quebec, canada. people here are so proud of this dish, but to me, it's a heart attack in training!

and pho? never had it?

it's a soup from vietnam, very tasty. they eat it all the time there, even for breakfast and they have these by the road soup shops all over the place.

also absinth isnt very dangerous. it was considered so because it made people who drank it act irrationnaly (supposedly) but the only thing about it is that it contains more alcohol than a lot of hard liquors hence the people getting balled on it faster ;)

the substance they add in it (wormwood extract or actual parts of the plant) was linked to hallucinations but for this substance to cause any, you would have to drink more than the lethal dose of absinth..

they are actually starting to make some and bringing it back to the market. very popular with the new 'dandy' wave of hipsters ;)

Spaetzle is the German version of Gnocchi, except the Germans don't put tomato sauce on them.
I used to have a job cooking for a German couple.

Hostess Fruit Pies just gave me a vivid memory of high school marching band practice. There was a small old-fashioned neighborhood store between the school and the football field. We would stop for snacks and huge bags of penny candy on the way.

Most of the stuff on that list made my stomach roll over a few times.
Anonymous said…
yeah, the best part of that marriage was the food....

Did you have Goulash at the Russian Tea room, or stroganoff?

Dani said…
Your list is impressive. The only things I've eaten that you haven't are Abalone and Sea Urchin (at a Chinese wedding) and soft shell crab. LURVE the soft shell crab (on toast, of course) but I'm fine with only having tried the other two sea creatures that one time.

I tried things at that wedding that most Chinese-Americans won't even eat!
Anonymous said…
Yes, prickly pears are foundhere as well. They make gelato with it and it's good, but to clean it, you need gloves!
Spaetzle are also VERY common in Sud Tirol (Trentino ALto Adige, @ the border wiht Austria) and are yummy.
Pistachio icea cream is a MUST here, as you all know.
My brother used to dive, pick sea urchins, sprinkle a lemon over and eat it right out of the sea. Fond memories about it too.
And I was expecting that horrific no.100- CANNOT believe it.
Kudos to K for the fugu though!
Anonymous said…
oh and no.100?
snake is actually quite tasty. white meat. kinda like chicken. they make a great soup with that.

ate that in vietnam and was also supposed to try dog meat, but i was sick the night we were supposed to go. so no dog meat for me.

alice c said…
Cornish clotted cream tea = jam + cream + scone (cream on top)
Devon clotted cream tea = jam + cream + scone (jam on top)
Cornish cream tea wins. No question.
Karla May said…
Best. Meme. Ever!! I'm so doing this...if I can ever find the time between Olympic events (watching, not participating in).
Anonymous said…
Amen on carob. I'm both intrigued and kind of hungry after reading this.
Anonymous said…
My husband keeps urging me to try oxtail. If you don't mind, bb, I'll just borrow your response here as a quote from a reliable source.

Anonymous said…
How on Earth did road kill make it onto the list just a few items below caviar?
tut-tut said…
#36? Whose?
Anonymous said…
b/c val didn't say what poutine is I'll let you in - if you don't know... French fries with cheese curd and gravy - sounds gross but it is comfort food in a strange sort of way :o) perhaps only a canadian would say that! ;o) nec
Ali said…
Ooh - you do the best memes.