Scheduled posting is a wonderful thing - all these posts delivering themselves while I traipse in and out of town meeting people, discussing my future, agonizing.
I haven't "live written" anything in over a week which is lucky for all of you as I feel like I'm barely coherent and good for me as it has given me a chance to think. Because I need to think MORE.

I have now met with four people from my previous life as a working woman. Some of the meetings involved drinking and, at yesterday's meeting at 10 am, when M asked me if I'd like anything to drink I WAS tempted to ask for gin, some of the meetings were in office settings (yesterday at 10, so no gin).

I sort of dragged myself to the first meeting. I was feeling pessimistic and wasn't sure what I wanted which isn't really the way to go into these kinds of things. Better to have a clear picture of where one wants to be, who one might to work with/for and where.
But yesterday's meeting was different. I met with a man I worked with a long time ago and had not seen in many years. We seemed to fall into step in our conversation and though I have very little experience selling myself, talking about salary, and negotiating, I felt comfortable talking to him.
I don't mean to be cryptic. I would, pretty much, jump at the chance to work for him. I wasn't sure that our past working relationship would amount to anything...but it might.
I would be an asset to him and he would be, I think, a pleasure to work for.
I'm not kidding myself, there will be a steep learning curve, but, if he'd have me, I'm ready to say I'd go.


Anonymous said…
You'd kick ass, particularly if you hold off on the gin.

But even then.

KPB said…
What J said.
Fannie said…
Sending good thoughts your way. I did much hand wringing over this transition in my life. My assvice? Don't sell yourself short.
Anonymous said…
I feel this is all so electrifying (is this an actual English word?).
weigh your options, pick the best and you'll do wonders.
Velma said…
I really like hearing about other people's lives taking unexpected turns and opening up new opportunities when I'm stuck in late-summer thrall to the needs of my small children. It gives me something to look forward to.
RW said…
This all sounds quite fascinating - in a mysterious sort of way!

I have mixed feelings about change.
I always enjoy new beginnings but I worry about how the change will impact me and my family.
jordi said…
Sending the best possible thoughts, remember that hard as it will seem, ask for what you want going in, as after that you are an employee. The learning curve is not to be worried about, you made fire...well, sort of!
Poppy Buxom said…
Yay, you! I'm so happy and proud of the way you're handling this.

And now to echo jordiw: remember that future raises tend to be percentage-based, so negotiate as high as you can from the start!
Anonymous said…
Your last posts were pre-prepared?!? How dare you be so--considerate! You scamp.

Do you watch Mad Men? They just drink in the office ALL THE TIME. It's fantastic. Maybe you could work in a place like that. Regardless, I think it's all going to work out for you, and soon all you'll be agonizing over is what to wear to work each morning. Easy!

alice c said…
I think that you will get a buzz from working - because you do everything so wholeheartedly. Whoever employs you is going to be very lucky to get you.
Unknown said…
Here's thinking the good thoughts for you!

I hope he realizes how lucky he'd be to have you and makes an offer soon. Hope it all works out the way you want!
Anonymous said…
I am currently involved in 2009 budget meetings for our county, in which something like 3/4 of the country departments are on the "possible cut" list. In other words, not a lot of fun.

Reading about your possibilities and hopes and dreams is lovely and reminds me that not all the world is going to heck in a handbasket ;-)
Anonymous said…
Ack, ugh, shriek, that is my reaction to that particular phase of the job hunting. I'd rather have a Brazilian wax - feels like the same bare-assed ripping off of a layer of skin.

Interviewing. Shudder.

Peace be to you.
Terribly excited about your new direction (although I know nothing concrete--change is something that thrills me since I think I might be half Gypsy). Good luck!
Jennifer said…
It's scary isn't it. You'll be fine... I just know it
Mary said…
Fingers crossed that this all works out for you in the best possible way...

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