and I'm on board though very small...


We were invited by friends for a sunset cruise.

Youngest at the tiller use



Middle at work

sun and cloud

big bridge

bridge and clouds

great sunset

Though we sailed to the soundtrack from The Big Chill, looking back I can only think of this song...

Out of the west of Lambert's Cove
There's a sail out in the sun
And I'm on board though very small
I've come home to stop yearning

Burn off the haze around the shore
Turn off the crazy way I feel
I'll stay away from you no more
I've come home to stop yearning

James Taylor


Anonymous said…
Jennifer said…
Oh that looks like such an amazing time! You're very fortunate to have such good friends.
Loved the shots of the clouds
RW said…
It looks like a wonderful evening well spent.
alice c said…
Extraordinary - something else to add to my list of Things I Must Do.
Anonymous said…
Quoting Kim:
I might (REALLY!) have to kill you with a tray now.
All I kept on doing while watching those shots was "GASP"
Duyvken said…
Anonymous said…
That was great, even if it included James Taylor.

Carol said…
I love James Taylor!
Dani said…
Pictures are worth a thousand words. A thousand beautiful words.
tut-tut said…
A beautiful sail; poignant, even.
Anonymous said…
Do you know how much I fantasize about that little lighthouse. In a prior commute, I passed it every day. I even have a story half-written about it.

Just gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
Tuvalu is a fine place for sailing.
Velma said…
Lovely, really.