26 on 29

Picture 4

26 is a Heptagonal Pyramidal Number.

Picture 3

26 can be Partioned 2436 ways.

Picture 2

Sum of the 5th, 6th, and 7th Fibonacci numbers = 5 + 8 + 13 = 26

26 g

Sum of the 5th through 8th numbers = 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 26

26 f

Sum of the 1st four Mersenne numbers = 26.

26 e

Difference in the 2nd pair of amicable numbers = 1210 - 1184 =26

there are 26  bones in a foot

26 is the only number to be directly between a square and a cube.

26 c

The Great Rhombicuboctahedron is an Archimedean Solid with 26 faces.

26 b

The Chemical Element Iron has an atomic number of 26.

26 a

K and I are married 26 years today.


Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary!
I was wondering where all that twenty-six-itis was going. It's the number on my son's football jersey, too. I just spent two hours in a Canadian monsoon watching him practice. I'm pretty sure you're evening will be much better. Here's to the next twenty-six, bb and k. Cheers!
RW said…
Holy Socks! That is impressive! I wish you many many more incredible years together.

Well done.
kt said…
congrats 26 x 26 times over!
and many more happys to you.
barbra said…
Happy Anniversary! Wonderful!
Amy A. said…
Sarah said…
Congrats! And you've got three wonderful sons to show for it.

Again, congrats,
Ali said…
Happy Anniversary!
Sinda said…
You're right, bb, life is good. Congratulations and here's to 26 more!
Badger said…
Happy Anniversary!
Stephanie said…
Alright, that was way too cool.

Almost as cool as being married 26 years. Congratulations!
Happy Anniversary! A toast to 26 years!

I guessed pretty early into the math lesson. Rhombacubowhaaaaaat?
Anonymous said…
Congratulations - 26 would appear to be a very useful number.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! You must be wicked smrt. Or a math freak.
alice c said…
That is a LOT of days to be happy. Wishing you many, many more.
Anonymous said…
Happy, happy anniversary!

Here's to 26 more!

Which you will celebrate in the year 2034!

I can hardly wait!

I never knew how important the number 26 was. Probably because I'm no good with numbers. Which is also why in high school I was the only Senior in Algebra I.

Postscript: I failed.

Happy Anniversary to you both! Hope you have a nice day together.
Fannie said…
Happy Anniversary! (But the math gave me a headache!)
Anonymous said…
Obviously, I just read your postand thought you were drunk as of early morning...
Stupid me, DUH.
And, you don't fool me. That's K's work with all those 26 and how to discombombulate it...HA HA
But boy, you make such a divine couple, you can multiply it by 26262626262626, 262626262626
Anonymous said…
That must have been a tremendous amount of work to get ready for this blog entry. Brilliant! And so is the record of 26 married years. That's quite an accomplishment in this day and age. Congratulations and may you have many more years together.....happy ones.
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary !!
Keetha said…
Wha? Up until that last sentence I felt like I was too stupid to read this post. Numbers, they are not my forte.

Anonymous said…
Congratulations!!!! And many more...
Unknown said…
Congratulations and happy anniversary!

26 years of loving togetherness is truly an achievement worth celebrating. I hope to someday be lucky enough to have as lovely a relationship and shared life as you and K have built together.

Here's to the next 26!
Kathy Rogers said…

Didja get married when you were teenagers?!
might I add...? said…
You kept me guessing till the very end. I was very impressed by your knowledge of numbers, most of which was way over my head.

Susie Sunshine said…
Awww.....have a wonderful day, you crazy kids!
Karla May said…
That? Is something worth celebrating. Congrats to you crazy kids.
Dani said…
Happy belated Anniversary!

Should I tell you how I was when you got married? Nah.... ;)
KPB said…
Oh how wondrous. Congratulations to you and K. Did he cook you dinner?
Wendy said…
A happy, happy day to you both!
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary!
That's an awsome post!
K is a very lucky man.
I hope the boys give you two 26 hours alone together, to walk around naked and stuff.
Anonymous said…
Happy 26th, bb and K. Today is our 10th. Here's to many more!

Mary said…
Happy Anniversary bb and K - that is the most wonderful loving achievement. I wish you many more happy years together..
Duyvken said…
Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Blackbird! Wishing you many more happy years together. Btw, we celebrated our 9th anniversary on the 28th.
Anonymous said…
Happy anniversary!

I feel kinda ignorant because I have never heard of most of those mathematical terms you used. And I started college as a math major. Clearly, I changed majors.
tut-tut said…
21 on 29, or whatever, here. with an almost 17 on the 5.
That One said…
Happy 26th Anniversary!

(Sorry this is late. Am just catching up on all my blog readings.)