Wednesday in Wellfleet

We have made our schedules...
I walk to town for coffee and some sweets early in the morning,we have breakfast outside and sit around talking.
Youngest, very much the resident teenager, sleeps late.
Town for a walk? A drive around?
Back for lunch and relaxing.
A trip to the beach? A drive? Defrost something for dinner.
There are two big Adirondack chairs to lounge in and watch the yard, listen to the birds, talk some more.
I bought a dice game (Farkle) and have enjoyed playing it with Youngest, under the trees.
The house is very quiet - although we do have a toddler among us to fill it with baby noise.
The weather is steamy.
Dinner is a group effort and K's sister makes incredible salad. (I always love other people's salads.)
I enjoy cleaning up when someone else does the cooking.
A walk for ice cream? Some television (Olympic trials, Antiques Roadshow), more talk and early bedtime after a stop by the Flying Fish to get my mail...everyone wants to be my Facebook friend this week.

Rental House Essentials, a list:

toilet paper - this house has a cabinet FULL of light bulbs, a perfectly equipped tool box, dozens of clean dish towels, handsome furnishings, and NO toilet paper.

nail clippers - how is it that Youngest and I always seem to have too-long nails when we go on vacation?

cling film - we are wealthy in plastic containers, plastic cups, cutlery, pots and pans, and dish soap. Would it kill a landlord or previous guest to have left a roll in a drawer?

clothes line - or at least some clothes pins.

A note to our landlord:

Your home is immaculate and lovely, I'm sure you had good reasons for purchasing all those plug-in supposed-to-be-silent insect and rodent repellers but placing one or more in every room or alcove in the house has me casting sideways glances at every shadow as I suspect there are mice or giant spiders ready to spring out at me. An entire cupboard of insect spray
has done little to allay my fear.
Also, rag rugs are charming but I trip over them all day and night and they make my neck itch.
I promise to replace them all upon departure.

All best,


(PS: I'd love to return...perhaps it is time to "compromise with your family" and get that wifi?)


Amy A. said…
I like the way your are filling up your days.
Dani said…
I could follow that schedule as if it were my own. It sounds absolutely lovely.

Go get yourself some tp and a folding clothes rack. I'm not sure I could live without some Saran wrap, either.

I am amazed that, as a mom of 3 boys, you don't have a nail clipper in your purse. I'm just sayin'.
Joke said…
I love Adirondack Chairs.

That is all.

Carry on.

Fannie said…
There is never enough toilet paper. WHY?
Anonymous said…
I always feel slightly ridiculous when purchasing one of those giant packs of toilet paper. As if there is a big red arrow hovering near me,pointing to me, alerting everyone what I'm going to be up to. Look at her! She's going to be needing a 24 rolls of this stuff!

Wishing I could send some your way...

jordi said…
What is that about other people's salads?? I want someone to come in and make me a salad every night. If I make it myself it is just salad and it sits there. If someone else chooses what to put in and does it then I eat it up. Is there a salad delivery service? or will K's sister cater?
Anonymous said…
Missing you too Honey.

Mary said…
I saw your label and was going to send you a hug and then I saw K's comment so I will still send you a hug!
Annagrace said…
Sounds perfect. One day I will spend the entire summer, every single year, by water...
Caterina said…
Saw K's comment and thought "how sweet"


Anonymous said…
Aww - K made my eyes well up.

Ah, the Cape. Insects, humidity, and that undefinable pull towards the water.

Can't wait!
Anonymous said…
Ah, you're making me long for the Cape...
Anonymous said…
Villas or rented cottages NEVER have loo paper - the owners must all be sadists!

Adirondack chairs.....gorgeous!