we are nothing if not productive

dishes of screws

The horror.


My nerves.


Dear lord.


Not for the faint of heart.
My laptop clasp has been wonky for a while. To open my iBook I was shifting the top a little to the right each time...and that's how the hinge that holds the screen broke.
Following very precise instructions on K's computer (which included this one: breathe deeply, this next part can be very difficult), I read while he disassembled.
It was a true test of his patience. Dozens of minute screws.
Nearly everything must be removed from inside the case to get to the hinge - which he did, slowly and carefully.
The $50 part is on it's way and then he will repeat the process to replace it for me.
We'll chalk it up to yet another summer project.

THEN we drove to L's house.
L mentioned that he had the EXACT roof rack I had been pricing ($400) for the top of my car sitting unusable in his garage.

load warrior

He and K installed it with ease.
I am tickled.

Then we drove to K's mom's house where K installed her air conditioner. Just a window unit, mind you, not central air - though I have no doubt that he could have installed central air...

Feeling chuffed (correct usage?) we returned home.

Blah blah blah, dinner time. Baked a bread.

bread dough

Marinated a steak.

flank steak

Sauteed some broccoli.

<span class=

Pondered the "restaurant opening" on the box of salt. Never found the "home use" opening.

restaurant opening

Made a blueberry slump.


Played some Rock Band - did so poorly singing and playing Boston that all three of us FAILED. Thank heavens it was only Boston.

I have been nervous and shaky for days. Several times I contemplated posting a terrible diatribe on freelance living and all its injustices. I was feeling very sorry for myself. I've been eating all kinds of strange things. Then, last night, I dreamed that I went to a doctor about that place on the back of my neck where I hold all my tension and he pressed it and I cried and cried.
I woke up to DAY ONE.
Feeling much better.
I'm so glad I didn't write that post.

It's Tuesday. I need to start packing.

Best line of the day?

K: have you seen your mother's new rack?
Middle: (blink blink) excuse me?
K: it's on the roof of her car.

K just made my coffee.


Dani said…
Big hugs for your laptop woes and and the things you store in that spot in the back of your neck.

Mama's got a new rack. hehehe
DeeMarie said…
I hope your stress fades fasts. Your hubby is quite the handyman. And I loved the new rack on your car!!
Miz S said…
You have a rich dream life.

I might make some blueberry slump myself.
Anonymous said…
Don't you just love DAY ONE? It's like a beach swept clean by the high tide.
Anonymous said…
So, um, what exactly are you planning to haul on your Jeep? I can't even guess.
Kathy Rogers said…
Yeah, I want to know what's going in that rack (the one on the roof of your car), too.

I'm glad you found DAY ONE.

Dinner looks good. We had flank steak on Sunday. Yum.
Anonymous said…
One fine new rack you have.
That blueberry slump looks yum yum.
Badger said…
Dammit, K stepped all over my "nice rack" joke.

I am expecting Day One any time now. So your mood this past week? Yep. Pretty much.
jordi said…
Your mood last week, my mood last month ... same same.
maybe I need a new rack. Or a car to put it on?

My mother's more withering comments included.. SO, you want a medal or the chest to pin it on?

What ARE you putting in the rack please?
RW said…
I quite like the roof rack.
Taking apart the laptap - what a testament to trust.
I wish you a very lovely July 1st.
And good - easy preparations for your journey.
alice c said…
MrM can put in light bulbs (if he notices that it is necessary). Does that count?

No...I thought not.

So let's get down to some serious K admiration instead.
Karen said…
Wow to the 10th degree on the computer repair. My dear one decided to replace the washers in the bathroom sink. Which was supposed to explain why he was sitting on the sofa with the entire sink in his lap.

No, not kidding. He thought that was how it was done.
Anonymous said…
I always think that the insides of computers look like aerial views of towns and cities. It's amazing to me that those tiny, tiny parts are what make everything in this world work.

What is DAY ONE? Does that just mean the first day of the month? If so, here's to a happy July.

Paula said…
That K.
So handy to have around.
And funny too!

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic. Not sure where that comes from but it freaks me out. Glad to hear you feel better.
BabelBabe said…
my gleeful cackling re: K's rack line is disturbing my nursing baby.
Anonymous said…
Middle continues to make me smile. That kid is such a clever one;)

Enjoy the blueberries and don't worry that you don't do well in the band. I never did either. I couldn't even sing back up.
barbra said…
Blerg Hormones.

That was a great Line of the Day! Made me laugh right out loud.
Anonymous said…
We prefer muffin tins to hold the screws here. I cannot count the number of muffing tins that have gone missing over the years.

Congrats on Day One. And give K a [gentle] slug in the arm for the rack joke.
Jess said…
K just made my day with that comment.

Day 2, over here. And not gleeful.
Anonymous said…
New rack - I love it!

Keep those kids on their toes.

And hold your breath until you get on Cape! G&T's all round!!!
Anonymous said…
"Seen your mother's new rack?" - what a great way to mess with a teenager's mind.

I love the teen years, it is a little bit of payback for the toddler years!
Pretty Things said…
Restaurant opening -- funny!
Anonymous said…
A chiropractor once worked on that spot of mine, and I cried and cried. That kind of crying where you can't get ahold of yourself. It was a weird release, and not at all pleasant. I did not return to him, although he was kind (or worried) enough to call and ask after my well being that night.
KPB said…
I love you.

That is all.
Mary said…
I love you too.

That is not all.

Day 3 here - I am sure you were the one that told me that women in the blogosphere get their periods at the same time.

I am in awe of K. Handy J is not!

Roll on Wellfleet.
Duyvken said…
Have you seen your mother's new rack?
Bwahahaha! That is truly priceless.

I am glad you are feeling better now.
Allison said…
Checking back in after getting my life back and it is good to read what is happening in your home--although the neck pain dream freaks me out. What do you marinate your flank steak with?
Unknown said…
I like your description of stress..and the best line of the day. That is a good line. Have a happy 4th. (I used to change the light bulbs on my 8 line phone when i was a receptionist years ago ..it looked scary and techno impressive back then before computers).
I've been anxious and uneasy lately as well ... this happens every once in awhile and you may think I'm weird or insane (which is true by the way); but I think it's cosmic ---- usually something else major happens when I get this way such as Katrina and the San Diego fires - probably concidence.
Suse said…
Correct chuffed usage.
Alice said…
You are so brave. I could have never watched the computer operation...

Nice rack, btw.