very nearly ready

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We set up the tent yesterday morning and then Youngest spent the day making it his home.


K and I went on to clean and build beds.

back yard

Everyone pitched in...Middle hauled stuff, Youngest gave up his room, Oldest donated a mattress (for some reason he has two).


I thought I'd take pictures as we might never get the WHOLE place this shiny again.


I didn't polish the wood on the stairs.

where we keep the cake

We've stocked up on cake.

guest room 3

K and I worked hard to make Youngest's room as inviting as possible...

guest room 2

guest room

The beds are from when Oldest and Middle were little - when we lived in the city. The footboards have stickers on them. Raccoons and penguins.

full bloom garden

The front garden is at its peak.



BabelBabe said…
really, who DOESN'T want raccoon and penguin stickers on their bed? my boys have done the same to theirs. Your house is adorable.
Amy A. said…
You have a lovely home. I like the cake drawers.
Anonymous said…
I love how Youngest nested in the tent. He seems like he must be such an amazing young man.

Your home looks lovely. So welcoming and inviting.

I just emailed Poppy and Susie and asked them to have a few drinks for the other Mamas at Mamarazzi. If you could enforce that, we'd appreciate it mightily. :-)
I would have been happy to sleep in the tent!

Have a wonderful time!
Sinda said…
It looks lovely - who wouldn't be delighted to stay there?
Jan said…
Wishing you all a good time and great weather!
RW said…
oh yes.
have a wonderful time.
Carol said…
I'm nervous about BlogHer - wishing I was heading to BlogHere instead!

Hope you all have a blast. Have a margarita for me!!!
Badger said…
I hope the cake drawers don't earn you the sort of grief the cheese drawers did.

And OMG, you are a WAY better hostess than I am. Any overflow from our guest room queen bed gets the recliner sofa. AND LIKES IT.
jordi said…
Ohh.. it looks like SO much fun will be had by all, I just can't wait to read about it!! And your house DOES look wonderful, perhaps you should consider leaving the tent up full time and renting it out ..
well, maybe not...
but a lot of New Yorkers without country estates might be willing to spend a night or two in such posh country surroundings and they might not even trouble you for cake.
barbra said…
Is that what those drawers are supposed to be for? Cake drawers? I never knew.
Paula said…
Ooh! It looks like camp, have a wonderful time!
Anonymous said…
No 1 just read this over my they are off to make a camp too!

Love the front door...and I love the shingles!
Anonymous said…
Everything is SPOTLESS.
SHould have AD come and feature your home in it!
Awaiting to hear all about BlogHere.
Anonymous said…
Dude!! I want to sleep in that tent. It looks amazing. I love the location.
Anonymous said…
Youngest's tent -- complete with electric fan! -- looks very inviting. You may have trouble luring him back into the house.

::le sigh:: I used to have cherry cabinets, too, but mine did not have cake drawers, more's the pity.
laura said…
cake drawers?!! must get them!
And what wonderful hosts you are, beds and all.

Youngest's tent look's fabulous, my little one has been begging to camp out in the yard, if we had a tent like that - I might be tempted.

Enjoy your time together.
Dani said…
The jealousy has left me unable to type.
Anonymous said…
Such a lovely place. So homey. So inviting. So peaceful. *sigh*
Sarah said…
Sigh. So jealous. But then, I get to sleep in my daughter's hospital room tonight and prepare meals in a blender for a month!
MsCellania said…
Shoot. Wish one of those comfy looking beds (with clean towels awaiting!) was mine.
Your home and gardens look tidy as pins, and your guests will love Chez Blackbird.
Caron said…
The venue is breathtaking, and the lineup of speakers is amazing. Oh, and the catering, this is going to be a five star event.
Anonymous said…
You know what I love? The tricycle and the little camera on the stairs. So great! :)
Anonymous said…
contemplating these photos, thinking 1) I wish I could be there 2) I should have sent some saucisson 3) next year, PARIS!!!

have fun wonderful, beautiful ladies.xoxo
Bonnie the Boss said…
The ardens are beautiful, and I love the gingham curtin!!!