Tuesday's projects sponsored by buttermilk and Krups

He's still busy, my K, but I'm going to have to start loaning him out if he doesn't go back to work soon. Here's hoping he gets called onto a project before he runs out of things to do.
Yesterday he had two projects.
The first was dealing with our Krupps panini press.
If you are ever shopping for a panini press DO NOT BUY A KRUPPS.
Our press has a fuse in it that burns out if the press gets too hot, a feature which implies safety.
Except that making paninis tends to be a hot process and, after a year of monthly use, our press burned itself out. Calls to Krupps were useless and K took the thing apart while I researched the problem. It seems that all of the Krupps models burn out after a year and the repair costs almost as much as a new one. We don't like throwing out small appliances that have been designed to be useless after a year. Dozens of angry consumers have written about this machine on line.
So K replaced the fuse a couple of months ago - and guess what? It blew out again.
We wanted paninis last night so -


he did it all again. The fuse is $1.84. It's maddening.

His other project was more interesting...

moss in <span class=

He wants to grow moss on our newly completed patio and side walk.

He got recipe from the internet.


He mixed moss -


and buttermilk in our blender.


And then he poured it into the dirt between the stones.

<span class=

I'll tell you what: it doesn't smell too good on the side of my house right now.
Though I don't have high hopes for this project I'll keep you posted on the progress.
With frequent misting, new moss is supposed to grow in about two weeks.

If the dog doesn't lick up the buttermilk, that is.


Karen said…
Ah, you are a better woman than I am, to let your darling use your blender to grind buttermilk, moss, and dirt into a lovely liquid.

I would have ended up with a new blender. Yes, they can be cleaned, but evidence in a crime must be buried...
That One said…
I hope the moss growing project works. Am looking forward to pictures. (Moss porn!)

Ali said…
I have no problem growing moss. Unfortunately.
might I add...? said…
I've heard about this process... either my husband or my mother saw this on TV or online (my head for details isn't working efficiently right now... maybe not enough caffeine this morning?) and said "they" swore it worked.

Let me know... I need some moss or something between our slate tiles, too!
barbra said…
If that works, it is going to be pretty! Moss doesn't grow well in my climate zone.

How come most everything my parents have is older than me and still works, but everything made now is designed to go kaput after 1-4 years? It's so despicable!
Fannie said…
Grill pan + cast iron skillet = instant panini press. I'm just sayin'. ;)
Anonymous said…
K is just great. Geez louise.

Rose said…
You know, I heard about this somewhere; home improvement channel? blog? Do keep us posted!
Anonymous said…
I have wanted to try that moss and buttermilk thing for years, so I shall look forward to regular reports on K's success.
Mary said…
I think Krupps might be german for Crap - our coffee machine ended up in the small appliances graveyard - it was too far gone to be revived.

We have no problem growing moss either - unfortunately combined with constant mists it makes for potential accidents!
KPB said…
Hmm, my initial thoughts would have been that moss+paving=arse over tit over and over again.

Closely followed by the cold hard fact that I'd never be using that blender again.

Krups is German for crap. Hah. Snort.
Anonymous said…
No more margaritas being made in that blender - unless you like moss flavoured ones...
Dani said…
How come people that have moss, try to get rid of and those who don't have it, want it? The moss is always greener on the other side, I guess. hehehe

I have heard of that moss growing process, too. ALTHOUGH, it would be a cold day in hell before I'd let dh put that shit in my blender. I'm just sayin'.

We're also appliance fixers. I'm not sure if it's because of the waste factor or the thrill of fixing something that was designed to be disposable.
Anonymous said…
Is that a hand made Dualit toaster from England? My grandma had one of those! I AM SO JEALOUS!!! Tell me Dualit isn't English for crap! (pun intended)
blackbird said…
I'd like to tell you that Dualit isn't English for crap, Scot - but I have no real proof. It really just makes toast, and was a gift, and I cannot imagine how it is worth the money.
Anonymous said…
I tried the moss juice a couple of years ago! Here in VA it worked great during the spring. Alas, our summers are too hot or sunny. Now I have sedum growing between my stone path.
alice said…
He wants to grow moss, while I am karchering it off my driveway where I can't get it to stay gone. :)
I hope the moss takes; it would be lovely between the slate.

Can K come visit PA for a little while? I could use a handy man...
Miz S said…
That moss thing is the coolest! I can't wait to see if it works. I love moss between stones.
Anonymous said…
The fuse.
The moss.
K is just a-mazing.
RW said…
We could have shared our moss.
Elan Morgan said…
I used to grow moss around the edges of my mother's deck, which drove her crazy, because she saw moss as some kind of weed/vermin.
I did it because it felt so good under my toes when I was anxious.
Okay - LOVE this ingenuity. Is it working? Hope the doggie stayed away.