this summer, a list, updated

1. Make fire.

2. Buy flint.

3. Sleep in a tent.

4. Make s'mores.

5. Play Rock Band.

6. Go to Cape Cod.

7. Make it to the beach.

8. Take over the world.
Sigh. Youngest tries this every year.

9. Geez, it's hot out.
Survived several days well over 90.

10. Make something with papier mache.
Not done yet.

11. Walk the swamp.
Middle warns against this.

12. Ice cream.
Make it or buy it. Each kid can choose a flavor.

13. Find out how they make petroleum jelly. How much petroleum is in it?
Forgot this one! Must research.

14. Youngest: I have a friend who knows how to make napalm.
Middle: Who doesn't?

15. We could watch that movie about the guy who believes he is one with the bears and then gets eaten by them!
Middle: No.

16. Pet a llama.
As this involves spending time with animals, in the heat, we may push it off to autumn.

17. Take a factory tour.

18. Go on the roof.

19. Work out that whole passive solar hot water thing.

20. Work for the food pantry.

21. Harness the energy at the playground.
More planning needed.

22. Build a steadicam.
You can tell who is writing these, can't you?

23. Have a Nerf gun war.
Any time now...

Shhhh. Surprise attack!


Miz S said…
I really feel that you have accomplished MUCH MORE this summer than I have.
Anonymous said…
Re: #14 -- Your boys crack me up.

Re: #19 -- If you go with the basic black-hose-in-the-sunshine approach, be careful, as the water gets VERY hot. Enough to cause painful burns. I have some first-hand experience with this one.
Poppy B. said…
About Number 10: Does it count that you received something made with papier maché for your birthday? Because those eggs surely qualify.
Jennifer said…
Wow that's a lot and you have a whole MONTH left!
Dani said…
#8. He'll figure it out. I have faith.

#11. That Middle is a smart kid.

#13. Keep me updated. I'm curious.

#20. I *knew* you'd go back. :)

#23. Daily occurrence here. I find the stupid velcro darts all stuck to the laundry. It's lost its charm.

#24. Pictures needed.

I feel so inferior. We're still working on getting dressed before 1:00 on days they don't go to camp. sigh
Wendy said…
I need to review our list with the kids and see what's a must do in their minds. We're running out of time and the list was a bit over ambitious.
Amy A. said…
If you combine numbers 13 and 17, you might get some ideas for number 21.

I just read that petroleum jelly is considered a carcinogen because of the way it is manufactured. I'll be interested to see your study.
Anonymous said…
Go get them!

You rock!
RW said…
That is impressive. I must say!
Anonymous said…
It sounds like ice cream is a special treat in your house, and not a mainstay. I vote make it, and if you want, I can pass on my FIL's delicious mango ice cream recipe.

When Youngest succeeds in taking over the world, could he make it a rule that Cable TV/Internet service is free and everyone can get/afford health insurance?
I'd be really grateful.
Anonymous said…
Re: the solar hot water thing. K is probably all over this, but I recently discovered that both of the gas/electric utilities that serve our area will pay for a significant portion (varies, but 25% of the total, up to a max of, for example, $2,000, i.e. a system that costs $8,000). See what your utility company will pony up.

Can I come along when you pet the llama? We have llamas and alpaca at our county fair every year -- rural community = a variety of animals. They have the sweetest faces.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm factory tour. I just found out the mother of one of my students this summer and her husband wrote a book all about touring factories. In fact, they even consult with manufacturers on how to make their tours more engaging, or kid friendly or whatever. Who knew it was a whole industry?
alice c said…
Write many witty blog posts - DONE
Mary said…
I read this after the pasta post.

Now I feel REALLY lazy!