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I'm lunching with an old friend today.
I have another meeting in town next week.
I'm volunteering for another food drive.
Most of the time I am doing okay, sometimes I am overcome with fear and worry.

I suggest you visit the archive. Last August seems a lot like this one will be - minus the planning for a trip.


Miz S said…
I followed your instructions because I am obedient like that. The August 2007 entry that I like the most is the one called "A Dog's Life."

But that probably doesn't surprise you.
RW said…
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RW said…
Enjoy your lunch and your visit with your friend.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I am a little sad too.
Dani said…
I've had a shitty week, too.

I'm thinking this part of the Summer is kinda' like a Wednesday. We're stuck in the middle. Instead of hump day, it's like hump WEEK. Gah....

Enjoy your lunch. :)
July was a 50/50 kind of month for me. I got a Carvel Peanut crack&M birthday cake but $$ was too tight for comfort.

I just visited your 08/07 archives. Middle's jeans-with-no-knees look just like Cape Cod Kid's favorites. I have to beg him to wear something else to greet me at the airport.

I also like Imogen Heap. Do you like Missy Higgins?

That dog is CUTE. If Oldest moves, will he take the dog with him?

I try to remember to not worry about things I can't control.
Anonymous said…
I can relate to your mood, except my "most of the time" and "sometimes" events are reversed.
Anonymous said…
Big Hug << >>

I see only good things for you and yours.
Mary said…
Thinking of you often throughout my day.
MsCellania said…
Aw, of course you worry some times. It's not only human, it's very you. I think it's incredible that you are putting yourself out there for employment. And, yes - Volunteering! That's very good for the Soul.

I liked your post at Blogher! I will try that Garnier moisturizer, too.