in my absence

During my vacation from the blogosphere:

K had a great meeting with a company he'd love to work for. They were suitably impressed with his experience but have no work.

Oldest went out of town for a few days to a rural locale. Half of his trip was geared toward finding work there and half was about thinking about moving far away on his own.

Middle and Youngest, with milk cartons, green army men, cans of dust-off, and popsicle sticks, and spray paint, and plastic tubing, and a baby pool, built a battle scene in our yard and filmed it. It's the invasion at Normandy.

I set up appointments for a nostalgic week. On Tuesday I will meet with a woman I worked with in the late 1600's. We are going to discuss my "skill set" and possibilities for employment. She has built a business placing important people in important jobs and though I am not important I could easily assist someone who is. After we are done with our chat, she and I will meet two men I used to work with and we will all drink. M is now an important executive and S is a very impressive literary agent and we all worked together in the late 1600's.

Later in the week I'm having lunch with my favorite college professor. I emailed him to ask his advice on my future endeavors and he said he had just been thinking about me. When I was a tiny little child I was his teaching assistant and we have remained friends all these years. I am hoping for a tuna salad sandwich from the off-campus deli.

I feel like I am on the brink of a very big thing - this idea of going to work. I am afraid and excited and sad, but in the back of my mind I think that it's time and, as things fall slowly and cleverly into place, it feels somewhat natural. Of course I see drama in all of it...people I hadn't thought of in ages float into my memory, emails and phone calls seem to point me in particular directions - I'm all about the symbolism.

But enough about that. No. Wait. Do you realize that I do not OWN go-to-work clothes?
I don't! Get to work on that. I'll be perusing the Old Navy website and visiting H & M.
And speaking of my appearance: I hadn't colored my hair in months, I had it cut very very short (think Fluid Pudding or Susan Wagner) and it was, for one hour, my natural color. What IS my natural color you wonder? Sort of a blond raccoon with white stripes. AND, if that weren't enough, I have a fist-sized white spot over my right ear.
That'll keep you up tonight, eh?


Wow. You're piebald? That explains everything.

I have an entirely new work wardrobe of which everything has been worn maybe twice if at all. I'll ship it over.

The only problem will be that seeing as I'm a hundred times your size you'll be able to make a few different items from all the fabric you'll have to take in. Get Wendy onto that will you.

I'm not talking about the whole reality of work with you until it is the reality.

Just because.
Anonymous said…
Good morning BB, best of luck with the job search and the clothes search. I kind of wish my oldest was looking for a job far away!

kel said…
Oops, didn't mean to be anonymous...
Miz S said…
Shopping for your work wardrobe means pictures for us, I hope.
Susie Sunshine said…
I'm jealous of the future co-workers lucky enough to work with you.
Anonymous said…
I believe going back to work would be a great thing for you. You have so many skills, are clever, witty, charming. All things that can be helpful and resourceful when working. Plus, let's face it, your kids are grown ups.
And, last but not least, there's money involved.
You'll have NO trouble att all throwing together a "work wardrobe".
My natural color was blonde. Notice I say WAS. Then God started adding highlights. When His highlights took over, I decided it was time to do something about it. It was cheaper when God did it.
I get the afraid and sad and excited part. I always felt in my heart I was meant to be a stay-at-home Mom. Unfortunately, nobody pays you to do that.

Sounds like any company would be lucky to get you. I hope you find something that you will really love.

I can't help you with the wardrobe issue. I'm hopelessly fashion challenged.
jo said…
I am both nervous AND excited for you.
Personally I always wanted a skunk streak la Bonnie Raitt or to go totally early white like Emmylou Harris. I think it looks way cool.
I look forward to new developments!
Anonymous said…
Yes, it is a bit scary. The unknown usually is and this unknown would involve major changes for the Bird family. But, this could be a really good thing AND you get to buy new clothes.
Geggie said…
Oh, you're going to be great! I can't wait to read all about your process! (And I mean the job process, not the processing of your hair!)
Amy A. said…
When things are slow and clever they are almost always right. Now watch for things to go really fast all of the sudden and BOOM! you will be right where you are supposed to be.

Wow. I feel like a prophet!

I wish I could afford you. I am in desperate need of a personal handler.
ssheers said…
Good luck with your job search. I hope you get a job where you do some writing because you're good at that.

For clothing, you might want to take a look at Chico's.
RW said…
I just can't believe you were working in the 1600's!

Seriously, I love the feeling of being on the verge of something big...waiting to see how everything unfolds and what new journey is about to begin.

I look forward to hearing all about it.
jordiw said…
OK, I have gone Emmylou Harris white, although much shorter, and it gives "my hairdresser" (I euphemize) the whim-whams every time he sees it. I, on the other hand, love it and can't afford lowlights..which I thought was lowlifes for a long time. I have NO summer looking for work clothes, which is why I never think about work in the summer. Besides, I sweat and looking for work clothes increase sweat. I'm no help at all, but I will think good thoughts and that should create some kind of bubble in the universe...not that you need it, you have a nice bubble going of your own!
Jen said…
LB's got one of those; we call it his "splotch." I'm with Miz S--looking forward to seeing all the pics of your work clothes shopping trips.
be*mused jan said…
I wish I had a *skill set*. I think your week sounds exciting, and yes, I get the afraid and sad part, too, but I have a feeling that things are going to work out wonderfully. Just take a deep breath.
Dani said…
This all sounds so exciting, I can see how it would be a bit intimidating. BUT...

You will be mah-velous, dahling. :)

Have fun shopping. My one piece of fashion advice; Unlike the last time you were in the workforce, women no longer wear corsets to work.

ducking and running for cover....
Nervous. Excited. I remember feeling all that when I went back to work a couple of years ago. The commute and absence from the kids (who of course were very young) stopped it after a year.

The working part though? Felt like putting on a pair of comfortable shoes. It felt good!
Scot said…
OK, so sometimes I become my grandmother - so incredibly full of cautions...
I just read this article 2 days ago and having been through the big C, I thought I'd share it with you. Its titled "The Harmful Ingredients That Your Hair Dye May Contain"
Please go read it:
Of course grandma would also tell me that she had a friend that died of that!
Rae said…
Wow... it does sound like good timing, with Oldest thinking of moving and stuff- sort of a new stage of life.

Blessings as you work this out!
tut-tut said…
hmm . . . contemplating the same move, but without the connections you've maintained. How nice to be in contact with your professor! Hope your sandwich met your expectations.
KathyR said…
I broke up my skill set into little bits after I quit working.

I love that you're going shopping for work clothes at Old Navy and H&M. The last time I needed work clothes, it was more like Talbots and Anne Taylor. And, you know, pantyhose. Because it was still the 1500s.
Anonymous said…
This is one of the best posts ever. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and plans with us. I very much want it all to work out swimmingly for you and your family. And I think it will, because you seem to be directing it to do so. It seems sort of traumatic to me--since I only know you through this blog, what will happen to say la vee when you start to have less time for posting to it? Waah!

I once saw a tip jar that said "If you fear change, leave yours here." I guess we all fear change a little, but I admire you for being willing to embrace it. Have a great week with your reunions.

Congrats to you! How exciting! I do hope the wardrobe is the least of your worries. I know if I ever get a "real job" again, I'll be up a creek.
Jennifer said…
the late 1600's.... you crack me up!
I worry about the day I have to go to work. I have never really worked. I did work at a salon for a few months out of hairdressing school then I got married a few months after that and never went back.Two kids later and now that my youngest is starting school... I'm thinking it's time I start thinking about what it is I'd like to do. I know it's not hairdressing, but we'll see.

Am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers where all job searches go.
MizMell said…
The work wardrobe is a challenge. And I must admit, the biggest challenge for me was comfy shoes. Invest in comfy shoes...(that look good--that's the challenge)

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