here's the deal

We walked our asses off in the city yesterday. It's true. We no longer have asses.
It was 94 degrees.
Poppy bought everything that caught her fancy.
Wendy fell into a dead faint over fabrics.
Susie marveled over the sights and flirted with firemen.
We had dim sum one table away from a very famous photographer.
We left Poppy in town - she met a friend for dinner and then my real life girlfriends came over for drinks to meet my blog pals.
It turns out that worlds CAN collide.

Today, we get Jen from the airport and head out to the beach.
I've mentioned that Susie has never seen the ocean, haven't I?

I'll report on the hilarity ASAP.


Anonymous said…
Say hello to the ocean for me!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Honey!

Dani said…
Being a coastal brat, I can't fathom never having seen the ocean. It's so cool that Susie gets to see it! We, of course, need an explicit description of her reaction. :)

You're going to need a vacation after this. Too bad Wellfleet wasn't AFTER BlogHere.

While you're frolicking on the beach, I'll be at work. Think of me at least, will ya'?
Dani said…
Birthday??? Oh my! What a cool birthday weekend you're having! Whee!

Happy Birthday, my dear e-friend. You deserve only the best.
Miz S said…
What?! It's your birthday? Many happy returns of the day.

Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Kiss Susie for me.
Happy Birthday! With girlfriends to share the joy!
Have a great day.
Anonymous said…
Good thing K outed you.
I would've done that instead.
Just sayin...
You can tell Susie that after the ocean she MUST see the Tyrrhenian (Meditteranean). MUST, I say.
Buon compleanno mia cara.
Anonymous said…
If it is indeed your birthday, I hope you have a lovely day!
Amy A. said…
I love going to the ocean with someone for their first time. So exciting. Looks like you gals are having fun.
RW said…
Oh. Your time is sounding fabulous. I, too send you many good wishes for a happy birthday.
That One said…
Happy Birthday!

Enjoy the ocean. :)
Sarah said…
Happy Birthday! Sounds like it'll be a good one. To say the least!
Sarah Louise said…
happy birthday and the ocean, woo hoo! Being a November baby, I don't think I've ever been at the ocean for my day of days.

have fun!!
MsCellania said…
If Susie hasn't seen A Mountain, send her my way. We've got the Big Ones here.
I don't know what I'm more envious about - the friends, the fabric, the fulfilling of one's fancy or the dim sum; ah, which would be another 'f' as in 'food'.
Have Phun. Only two more days of BlogHere, Wahhhhhhhhh!
MsCellania said…
Joke said…
An excellent choice of birthday.

Caterina said…
Happy Birthday! Ours are only one week apart :)

I wouldn't mind being Poppy and shopping like that!

Was the photographer Leibovitz?
Mary said…
Happy Birthday BB - so fun that K spilled the beans!

And what an amazing birthday weekend you are having!
Anonymous said…
Happy Bday AND Bloghere 08? What a fantastic gift for your new year.

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! what a great way to celebrate - friends, family and the beach. Enjoy : )
Anonymous said…
Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Blackbird! Sounds like you're in for a great one.
KPB said…