Great Island

great island

It seems like a long walk out to the beach at Great Island, but if you pace yourself and enjoy looking at the marsh grass and the barn swallows, it's not too bad.
After walking along the grass for a distance you cross through the cut-out in the dunes and come over the hill and then onto a hill with a view that is out of this world.
Long, flat, blue for as far as you can see...with sand bars and warm warm water - perfect for skim boarding.
The silence and sea and sky are surreal.
But you may not be able to dig your umbrella into the sand - so don't forget your sunblock.

E on Great Island

The sand bar is only there for a few hours.
Then you'll have to pack your things and wade across to the beach.
If you wait too long you're wet up to your waist - and then the walk will seem a little longer.

baby in the pots

Have a tall, cool gin and tonic when you get home.
The baby will cook you some dinner....


Anonymous said…
It looks so peaceful and calm.
RW said…
This is where you are?!

Holy socks. It is beautiful.

I am so happy for you.
KathyR said…
Where can I get me one of those dinner-making babies?
Wendy said…
We have our lake in Chicago, but we don't have those tides. I miss them.
Anonymous said…
MsCellania said…
Oh, wow, that baby got BIG.
Enjoy every minute of your wonderful vacation. You guys deserve a bit of the peace and quiet.
alice c said…
I have a brief moment when it hurts to remember how much fun it was to have a little baby climbing into cupboards.

And then I distract myself by thinking about how much fun you are having in Wellfleet and that feels good.
Is that really where you are? I think it's paradise. It's so calming. Although a baby making dinner makes me feel a little stressed out.
Rose said…
Beautiful. A perfect summer day.
Anonymous said…
I live on a lake -- a very small lake. It is difficult for me to grasp the concepts of ocean and tides and sandbars that last only a few hours. It makes me happy that you have the experience of them.
tut-tut said…
That baby knows how to dress, to highlight the backdrop . . . Looks very divine.
I love that the baby is sea and sand colours.

My god it looks beautiful at Wellfleet.
Tina said…
Mmmmmmm. Yeah, that's what my life is missing. And you have a chef, too. How lucky can a girl get?
Helena said…
I never knew babies could be so useful!
might I add...? said…
But I thought you had packed up all the rag rugs?
Loretta said…
And if you bring your cell phone and the tide comes in behind you, you have to walk for a half hour with your hand above your hand.

I wouldn't know.

But The Teen could tell you.
Anonymous said…
Heavens, is that the Great Island near West Yarmouth?!?
sighing ever so loudly over here.

It all looks deeply restorative.
Hen said…
Gorgeous beaches and free child labour - fabulous!

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