the flickr debacle, with photos

Forgive me if I'm repeating myself.
For the first time in several years I signed out of my flickr account.
When I went to sign back in I was told that I had to establish a yahoo id, which I did, and then
was sent to sign into my flickr account so that the two would be merged.
No dice.
No matter how many of my email addresses/flickr account info I provided I was locked out.
Many many emails to flickr, a phone call to yahoo support and much hand wringing later, I'm still not able to access the 5222 photos I have uploaded over the last few years.
I cannot imagine how it can be resolved - being somewhat tech illiterate and am at their mercy.

In the meantime I have opened a new flickr account and have some shots from bloghere for you.

big board

The big board and the top of Poppy.

s sings use

Susie, rocking out. (Black Hole Sun?)

poppy on guitar

Poppy. On guitar.

new earrings

ONE of Poppy's many new earrings.

P on drums use

Poppy on DRUMS. Youngest on guitar and Susie singing.

and she folds sheets

Susie folding sheets.

<span class=

Wendy looking fine.

seam tape

Poppy's use for seam tape (Wendy's parting gift to each of us).

fan moving

Susie demonstrating fans.

Wendy chooses

Wendy buying fabric...
here -

jars of thread

underwear no exchange

Underwear. NO EXCHANGE.


I'm taking a little break.
We are exhausted and need to do some planning...I am meeting with an old colleague to discuss my re-entry in the corporate world.


Miz S said…
The end of an era, I'm guessing. But the beginning of something exciting, possibly. xoxo
Anonymous said…
Well, it seems to be a planetary situation.
Same thing here lately, VERY anxious about our finances.
It's the crappiest year of history and people are becoming uglier by the day as a result.
Geggie said…
So much fun.

Re: Reentry into corp world. Don't you know that entertaining us is your job now? We appreicate you more than any ol' company would. I'll pay.
That One said…
Look at that bag! I LOVE THAT BAG! Where, o' where, did Wendy get that quilted bag?
KPB said…
Oh my.
On so many levels.
RW said…
Well. That is a bit o' news!

I wish you a good meeting.
Keetha said…
I love the way you so casually dropped that tidbit in. Best of luck - please keep us posted.

Also, BlogHere looks like a hit and a half.
Fannie said…
It all looks wonderful. And good luck with the meeting; re-entry can be.....interesting.
Amy A. said…
Anonymous said…
Vay! What the heck, bb?


and thank you for the pix of Bloghere. Good times.
Badger said…
But I don't WANT you to get a job! You'll make me feel like a total slacker, yo.

Wendy has the hair I'd have if mine would do that. I LOVE that haircut. But the one time I tried it, my hair rebelled.

Hello, Poppy's rack! I'd know you anywhere!
Wendy said…
Tuli - Yhe bag is from Vera Bradley. It's the large tic-tac-tote in mod floral pink. It holds EVERYTHING.

Badger - It's the cut I'd been waiting to get for a year while all the layers caught up. I think it's a keeper. Until too many other PTA moms are sporting it.

And Blackbird - I wish I could hug all of you right now.
Dani said…
Oh, PICTURES! Finally! Wheeee!

I still say you should put a PayPal button on your site. As far as I'm concerned, you have a job. You're a Blogger. :)

(I really hope Flickr fixes the glitch before we have to go all Blog Posse on 'em.)
Anonymous said…
Any corporation would be incredibly lucky to have you.

I prefer a blue collar environment. Currently, I work for a tug boat company perched right at the edge of a mighty river. There is no dress code, and parking is free. My working wardrobe contains denim and flip flops. I take my coffee outside and bask in the sunshine. I like it there.

I hope you find a place where you'll be happy, too.

Anonymous said…
Underwear No Exchange.

That would make a great blog name.

Glad BlogHere was a hit. Sorry I missed the daily posts. I'm only now getting a quick chance to try to catch up...
Anonymous said…
PS- F that work shite.
Burgh Baby said…
Yikes! The corporate world! That's not all that fun.

Looks like you had fun at BlogHer, though!
Caterina said…
BlogHere looked fah-bulous :) How lucky to have such a great group of gals.

And Wow. The news. G'luck!
MizMell said…
re-entry into the corporate world? I did that just four short weeks ago. It has left me very, very tired.

I think I am finally settling back in...
Anonymous said…
I'm back to work too. Not what I had planned but life always has an interesting way of working itself out. Best of luck and a big hug too.