a fight to the death

Middle: I had to battle Mothra last night!

bb: In a dream?

M: No! Last night. In my room!

bb: What did you use?

M: First, a hat, then a magazine and then my Flex Fill Bounce Pad. In its case.


eurolush said…
Mothra never stood a chance against the Flex Fill Bounce Pad.

Let that be a lesson to the others.
Anonymous said…
Well thank god the child was fully armed.
I would have thought Middle was a "catch and release" kind of guy.
Susie Sunshine said…
I got to witness the aftermath of this little encounter.
Middle was a brave little soldier, I tell you what!
Tutta la Storia said…
Ohhh . . . combat!! How devastating of a blow did the hat impart?
Go Middle!
I bet he'd give Battra a run for his money, too!
catsteevens said…
Is Mothra something you can actually catch & release? AH!
MsCellania said…
What? No photos?
Damn your flickr fowlup.
Dani said…
Oh... to be a moth on the wall in the Blackbird house. ;)
Mrs. G. said…
I won't be messing with you any time soon.
what no tray?
Frankie said…
I totally got attacked by a giant june bug thingy on my front porch! It was sucker punching me in the face when my hands were full of stuff. Yay for middle!
So funny! At least he didn't have to squirt it with water to kill it, like my 5-year old did to HIS monster-in-the-closet.
carrie said…
There is nothing worse than a lone moth. In your bedroom. In the night.

Anonymous said…
We had an ENORMOUS moth in our house the other night. We thought it was a bird.


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