family project

We've been making an attempt to keep the kids busy this summer and I think we are doing a pretty good job.
As you saw yesterday, there are a few things left on our list.
And, on Sunday, with storms brewing all around our house, we embarked on another indoor adventure: making pasta.

K emailed Paola for expert advice (no olive oil!) and set up the ingredients.

weighing in

We donned aprons and set to work.


Thunder rumbled outside as we began.

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Middle made a perfect well in his flour and started mixing. Youngest and I were not as deft and quickly spilled egg on the counter.

kneading use

It was messy for a while but we made it to the kneading stage. Kneading for six minutes was tougher than we thought.

dough resting

We let the dough rest for 30 minutes and went to watch the storm. And drink wine.


Then it was time to roll. Note the proximity of the pasta machine to the dog bowls?
One false catch and the dog would have fresh dough for dinner. This provided an extra challenge, but we managed to end up, after lots and lots of cranking, with pasta.

rolling and catching



hanging on

I'll skip over the part wherein we discovered that the finished product could not be twisted into nests and put on sheet pans to dry only to realize that it had all stuck together in one clumpy mass and then re-rolled half of it.


We let it dry for a couple of hours and, with great trepidation, (would it all stick together in the pot? would it taste good? would we like it?) we boiled it up.

pasta dinner

It was great!
A little el dente, but delicious and filling.
We were flush with success.


Geggie said…
Wonderful! I've never made fresh pasta. My pasta last night was dry, whole wheat pasta. Probably not as good as yours!
Mary said…
You are a very good family to do this.

For me I am afraid that it confirms for me that I am lazy. Fresh pasta from the deli suits me fine!
that looks amazing and a great family project!
Dani said…
Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! You're bringing back such nice memories for me! (And I SO need that today.)

My mother and grandmother used to make fresh "macaroni" every once in a while and your pictures just flung me right back there with a smile on my face!

Just think... Your kids are going to have a similar flashback some day. You've made wonderful memories this Summer. :)
Anonymous said…
You are a brave woman.

And one day, you'll have some daughters-in-law who will thank you and K for teaching your sons to cook.
Anonymous said…
How fun! And the poor little dog had none? ;)
jordi said…
You are a "better man than I am, Gunga Din" ... the closest I ever came to this was chocolate fondue for 4 year olds... fire, hot chocolate and children.. I was young and crazy. You had this one well in hand...pun intended.
Fannie said…
I can safely say this is one project that will not occur in Whoville. The kneading, the waiting. Too much like baking ;)
Badger said…
I am totally going to do that as soon as someone buys me the pasta attachment for my KitchenAid. Which I keep requesting and NOT GETTING. (I am NOT rolling/cutting that shit by hand. I'm just not.)
Anonymous said…
I just adore your family. What a fantastic way to spend time together.

Anonymous said…
Very cool! Did you buy that pasta maker or rent it for the occasion?
Anonymous said…
Wait. "We...went to watch the storm. And drink wine"? I suppose any boys mature enough to knead and roll and CREATE fresh pasta are mature enough for a glass of wine.

I want to be your daughter in law.
Anonymous said…
Shove over Batali, Ray, or what's her name...Giardina?
You made Perfect homemade fresh pasta, just like any "nonna" would here.
And I LOVE sons were all interested enough to participate, cooking is a DIVINE art for a man (why would I tell YOU!).
alice c said…
I once went into a tiny restaraunt in Verona where the pasta which had been made for that day was drying over the chairs. I had forgotten - and now I am smiling - thank you.
Allison said…
WOW!!! Where does one procure such a dreamy pasta making machine?
blackbird said…
Pasta machines are available at great prices on eBay!
Miz S said…
I want to make the pasta, yes, definitely. But what your post really made me think about is that fact that it is 5:38pm and I am fully justified in pouring myself a glass of wine if I so choose. So I think I will.
Mrs. G. said…
It looks beautiful. I want to live at your house-I think you guys could teach me a few things.
tut-tut said…
There's nothing more satisfying than making you own. The first time I did, I covered the kitchen in flour, and D and L were banished. Now, it's easy-peasy.
Anonymous said…
That looks wonderful! I'll take mine with alfredo sauce, box it up.
Do you deliver? I tip well.
Stomper Girl said…
The best thing is that everyone shared in the labour (says the person who does ALL the cooking in this house). Made it fun and a family-bonding experience. So impressive and looks just delicious.