day one

Lunch featured beer and loud laughing.

beer and the girls

A game for later.


The thrift shop had too many bad vases.

other bad vases

bad vase

Wendy didn't find any good fabric -


though there were some stunning evening gowns.

not <span class=

Susie is dyslexic. For a moment she thought these were Prada.

On to Anthropologie.
Shopping with Poppy is extra fun. She buys whatever we tell her to buy.

Poppy bought these

She bought gorgeous earrings AND the matching necklace.

poppy bought these too

She bought these too. Well, not the camera.

love this dress

I loved this dress. On sale. Still $100. Still there.


We want Wendy to make this pillow for each of us.


Our collected thoughts on Anthro prices.

seafood platter

Dinner was extraordinary.
We started with the seafood platter. Teaching Susie how to eat oysters was especially fun.

Poppy's seafood

Steak. Big steak. Great steak.

K's steak

Onion rings.

onions and cocktails

Poppy had the fish.

Poppy's fish



Coffee all around.
A myriad of desserts.

We twittered across the living room until 11:30 and will probably be back there tonight...

I'm still full.


Dani said…
I thought it said Prada, too!

I bought that same camera for dh for Father's Day. It's the camera that took those kick-ass pictures I sent you from Mystic.

Dinner looked awesome. Now I want lobster at 8:00 a.m..

I laughed my ass off following you gals on Twitter last night. I'm waiting for Act II tonight. ;)
KPB said…
Now you see, it's my turn to be so happy for you!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for including us via the Blogosphere reports!
Anonymous said…
Could I please have one of those pillows too.
Yum, the dinner...
And how's Youngest doing outdoors?
Anonymous said…
I think we're all dyslexic then, because I saw Prada when I first looked at that photo.

Thanks for the report!
Anonymous said…
Yup--also saw Prada What a fun day!
barbra said…
ooooo! (squeal)! Thanks for keeping us in on things so we feel included. I followed you crazy gals on Twitter last night (well, 3 hours later, but it was funny to read).
Anonymous said…
Shit. Does this mean I have to bring a dress? I think I see dresses in this photo. I was planning on packing dirty shorts (to busy to do laundry) and a couple of ratty swimsuits. Don't tell me y'all are upping the ante here.
Woman, you sure know how to entertain the conference attendees!

Ribbon pillows are sooo easy to make (unless, like me, your sewing machine is having a little nervous breakdown of sorts)
Joke said…
Unless you've seen Poppy with asparagus, you've never really caught her at her best.

Sarah said…
Oooo, I love the Anthro dress too. And I HAVE the blouse Ms. Sunshine's wearing (my bra shows, too, so I accessorize the blouse with a colorful Tar-zhay brassiere).

Also, I'm drooling at the lovely gluttony.

I'm guessing that tomorrow (your big day!) will make yesterday look like a trip to the dog wash.
Caterina said…
What fun! Thanks for including us. I felt like I was there :)
Mary said…
I felt like I was there too.

Just a couple of things. I missed commenting on the shining house post but how good does Youngest's room look all white? Fantastic?

The tent looks pretty inviting too.

And I am almost recovered from the most insane desire to jump on a plane to Tuvalu!
KPB said…

I just noticed that at dinner whoever the two are in the background are both in sleeveless tops with impressive racks.


So intimidated.

I promise you now you will never have to suffer the visual assault of my upper arms. Unless we go swimming. In which case you will witness so much flesh the arms will be the least of your worries.
Anonymous said…
That's JUST day one? How many days can you sustain such fun?
Sarah Louise said…
ooh, sounds like fun!
Mrs. G. said…
This looks like serious fun. Happy travels.
Pretty Things said…
I thought that was Prada at first glance, too! I would have been jumping for the credit card and bought them before I bothered to take a second glance.
AMY said…
At first I read it Prada too. Must be the blond in me.
LBA said…
(quietly) - I read Prada too !

Dinner: OMG, yum !