BlogHere 08

Wednesday July 16th

Keynote Addresses:

Why I Agreed To This
K will explain his need to cook for an audience, outline the four cases of wine he purchased and discuss lingerie.

I Can Kick Your Ass At Rock Band
A brief address by the youngest member of the household followed by the praising and honoring of He Who Will Sleep In A Tent For The Benefit Of The Houseguests.

Too Much Estrogen
Oldest will wave to the crowd and then disappear.

I Am The Buddha And So Can You
Middle will do a silent presentation inspiring all to join him in total mellowness.

Lunch at the Diner

: details TBA but will include Anthropologie and a thrift shop.

Cocktail Hour(s)

Dinner In Tuvalu

Guest Speakers:

Susie Sunshine - witty and adorable, SS will discuss how she gets her eyebrows looking so fantastic, the length of her neck and how she manages to curse like a sailor with the voice of a siren.

Windy City Wendy - charming and warm, Wendy will dumb down her Leonardo-like crafting skills to attempt to outline the many uses of seam binding tape for her audience. Bonus session: how to thread a needle.

Poppy Buxom - with grace and beauty, Poppy will address the gathering in front of the big board where she will describe her roots and heritage and discuss her brother Henry.

Please note:

Jen Lancaster will not arrive until Friday at which time she will be speaking, at the ocean-front enclave. Jen will address the gathered with her inimitable style and grace, bestowing upon them the true secrets for growing from blog to book, explaining why cupcakes are a gift from heaven and delight us with Tales Of Fletch.
Pearls are strongly suggested for this session.


Amy A. said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy A. said…
Fabulous!! You all will have blog fodder for ages.

(That comment deletion was me. I couldn't stand the typo I made and had to start again!)
Fannie said…
Please ignore the small pouting woman and have a good time. And tell those men in your house they're wonderful for playing along!
Anonymous said…
The time has come.
You lucky gals.
A special thought to Oldest, Middle and Youngest.
For what concerns K, he's gonna have the BEST time of all. I sense it.
Anonymous said…
How fun! I love the speakers--I'd be attending the Estrogen and the Buddha ones without a doubt--and the many uses of seam binding tape? I get chills. I know you'll take great notes and great pictures.
BabelBabe said…
have fun! Am soooo envious. and just think, you can make fire for them : )
Anonymous said…
Oh my, so many options and so many excellent speakers. What an amazing conference this will be.
Stephanie said…
Is it to late to get tickets?

;) How fun!
Poppy B. said…
Just a quick correction. You know how dooce has GEORGE? Well, I have HENRY. All in caps, ALL THE TIME.

Also, I've dreamed up a new title for my talk. I'm calling it "Social Climbing for Dummies." Is it too late to get the printer to change the programs?
Anonymous said…
Oh to be a fly on the wall during cocktail hour(s)!
Wendy said…
Just added pearls to my packing list. And extra seam binding tape - there will be handouts ladies!
Anonymous said…
Please take lots of fun cropped pictures for us. You will all have a wonderful time together.

KPB said…
Only four cases?
Annagrace said…
So fun! If Social Climbing for Dummies does indeed get added, then please blog away--otherwise, go have fun, relax, and tell us all about it LATER. (We'll live, it's true)
Badger said…
And when should I expect to be drunk-dialed? Because (a) Poppy has my number and (2) I like to plan ahead.
Sinda said…
Oh, I can't wait to hear all about it - you will all have so much fun!!!
MsCellania said…
It all sounds blogalicious.
I hope we get the daily run down. In 4-part harmony.
Anonymous said…
Have a glorious time!

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