BlogHere 08

With only 13 days, and a week in Cape Cod, between now and then, much needs to be taken care of before BlogHere 08.
The least of it all is that two beds must be constructed for Youngest's room, a mattress retrieved and my entire house cleaned until it sparkles. K will handle the first half of that sentence.
My BlogFriends have been very remiss and have not responded to my enticing emails.
Do they want to go to the ocean on Friday?
The city on Thursday?

And, for my part, I haven't done much meal planning. K has offered up several delicious suggestions for meals - but will the participants be hungry for what we have to offer?
(This is rhetorical. These women will eat what is put in front of them and LOVE IT.)

I do know some things:
Thursday, the 17th, will include cocktails with my Real Life Girlfriends (RLG's, make that around 7ish.)
Friday, the 18th, will include dinner with my mom.
Friday, the 18th includes another VERY SPECIAL FEATURE. Shall I tell you what it is?
On Friday the 18th we need to make a trip to the airport to pick up Jen.
Yes. We will indeed be enjoying the company of Ms. Jen Lancaster, who, in a dramatic move to avoid working on her 4th bestseller, will be joining us for the weekend. I KID, SHE NEEDS A WEEKEND OFF.
Can you feel my excitement?
Jen has requested a trip to the beach and so I'm thinking that we will retrieve her, settle her things and relax at the ocean on Friday. (The beach on a Saturday is not ideal.)
The very thought of sitting, in our Dick's Chairs, on the beach with Susie, Poppy, Wendy and Jen has me stoked. (That's a surfing term.)

And how to document all of this?
Susie has requested live video coverage and is negotiating for "slimming filters."
I know I will take hundreds of photos, but can I possibly get all of the 4000 hysterical antics likely to ensue typed and published?

I have other questions too:
Will I be able to stay up late? (I thought of this as I trudged up to bed at 10 last night.)
Can I make our very first activity "A Fun Trip To The Liquor Store Wherein Each Guest Chooses And Purchases Her Own Poison?"
Will K be here to cook or will FOUR CRAZY WOMEN sit at my table while I throw dinners together?

I've got 13 days and a trip to the Cape to figure it all out.


Poppy B. said…
What? News like this and I'm the first to comment?

The rest of the blogosphere must be still in a state of speechless befuddlement. (I know I am.)

Relax about dinner. I mean, what are the odds? Some of us must be able to cook.
Anonymous said…
You mentioned Jen and my heart fluttered for a moment until I realized, oh wait, that's not me. That's a way cooler and more fun and more famous Jen. Damn.

I'm already anticipating the blog posts that will occur on different blogs afterward. Judging by last year's BlogHer, it's going to be great.
Kathy Rogers said…
All you have to plan is the fun trip to the liquor store. Done properly, the rest will take care of itself.


Sounds like too much fun.
Badger said…
Wait a minute, they get to MEET YOUR MOM?! Damn it all, I would have sold something (an ovary? one of my kids?) to get money for the plane ticket if I'd known your mom was involved!

Which is not to say that I'm all jealous or anything. OH NO. NOT ME.
Anonymous said…
Sounds fabulous. And let us know where you find the slimming filters.
Amy A. said…
I'm thinking K should set up the camera and then you could sell the weekend antics to a syndicate and it could be the next big reality show.

Maybe not. But it will make for some very fun blog posts! Don't drive yourself crazy with the cleaning. Your friends won't care (esp. after that trip to the liquor store). :)
Fannie said…
First Poppy, now you? NO MORE BRAGGING! *Me? Jealous? Of course not!*
Anonymous said…
You all are going to have so much fun, and your itinerary sounds very appealing. But have you all decided on what to wear at breakfast yet? I am picturing thick white terry spa-like robes all around.

StLmom said…
So insanely jealous but looking forward to living vicariously through all of you.
Annagrace said…
"(This is rhetorical. These women will eat what is put in front of them and LOVE IT.)" = best part.

Can't wait to hear all about it. Drunk blogging is STRONGLY encouraged.
Mary said…
Like the others I cannot wait to hear all about these visits.

Most of all though I am looking forward to hearing about the Cape.
KPB said…
barbra said…
I'm with kim.
Dani said…
I say you nominate one of the attendees to be the Official Secretary of BlogHere '08. That person shall be responsible for taking accurate notes of all events so the minutes can then be distributed, equally, to all participants so they can be used for subsequent blog fodder.

We need to know EVERYTHING.
Anonymous said…
The Cape and visits from your blogging pals in one month? You lucky, lucky thing...
Anonymous said…
Good job you can't see me....I've turned green with envy!
Anonymous said…
Kim, I'll type fo ryou.
"I might have to kill you with a tray" is what you meant to type.
And I am 100% with you this time.
ps Happy 4th to all the US bloggers
RW said…
sounds like it is going to be fabulous - whatever you end up doing.
Unknown said…
Blogher I couldn't care less about. But this? OMG I am absolutely GREEN with envy. I now hate all of you.

Anonymous said…
bb, have you a recommendation or two for on where I can grab some internet electrofuzzin' wifi in wlflt? our rental doesn't have access!
In Providence tonight, onward tomorrow. Can your boys do any weather dances?????
Wendy said…
Sorry, still out of it from our 20 hour drive home. Yes, I will eat what is put in front of me and I will love it. And I will do whatever is on the itinerary and love it. Why? Because I'm getting out of here for 5 days and I still can't believe it's really going to happen. I'm beyond atwitter.

And I need to tear off a lot of links on my paper chain that were missed while I was on vacation.
Alice said…

How to I get invited?
BabelBabe said…
Huh. and i thought there was NO MORE ROOM. Harrumph. I need to write a book, I guess...