BlogHere 08, the finale

I'll be getting the girls sometime early this afternoon.
The house was silent last night.
Middle asked when "the gaggle" was returning and I thought about how good my boys have
been during this visit.
Oldest, who was anxious about four women descending upon us, seems to be the most enamored of these ladies. As those of you who follow me on twitter know, nothing could dissuade him from leaving the fun on our first night together.
Middle has stayed true to self and popped into the scene for mere moments, been warm and witty and then disappearing again, and Youngest gave up his room, only returning for the night last night as the temperature was hovering near 100.
K has kept the kitchen completely under control, providing meals and doing the shopping and even knowing exactly when Susie needs a coffee fix and brewing her a pot.
But with five women cackling with laughter, posing for goofy photos and getting caffeined or liquored up at all hours (to say nothing of the occasional line at the bathroom and the blow-drying [oh, the blow-drying]) they have been remarkably patient.

But back to last night - while they dined at a swanky restaurant and stayed in a posh club or funky downtown studio, I was very happy to launder towels, watch television and catch up on some blogs.

I'll take Wendy to the airport and bring Susie, Poppy and Jen back here.
K is still working on the dinner menu (note to attendees: lay off the shrimp and steak) and I'm looking forward to more time with the gaggle. Shopping? Sitting around gabbing?
We'll see.


Rae said…
Sounds absolutely lovely... your boys, the get together, the pots of coffee. Wow.
Anonymous said…
I'd have to say that all of your menfolk are real troupers.
MizMell said…
Sounds like great fun. And your K and the boys are a real dream for being so patient and understanding.
I'm sorry, I'm still struggling with the notion that someone of the calibre of Susie had never seen the ocean let alone swum in one. Weird.
And I'm deeply jealous of them all that they got to hang with you and your boys. Deeply deeply envious.
Miz S said…
Bloghere '08 sounds like a smashing success all around. One of the high points of the summer, I'll bet.
Dani said…
You said Flickr was fixed.... Where are the pictures???

That's it. I'm no longer speaking to you.
Carol said…
Still waiting for my drunk dialing phone call....
Irene said…
it seems as though you had sooooo much fun together that it overflowed and reached the other side of the ocean. I can't help but smile reading.
JJ said…
de-lurking (yet again) to comment on the envy felt for visiting friends and lazy summer days. it all sounds perfect - thank you for letting me observe!
Anonymous said…
Wow. Just wow.
Anonymous said…
Where are the promised PICTURES!
Tuli said…
What a wonderful time y'all are having!

Can't wait to see the pictures. :)
Enjoy your night.

It HAS been a happy time. Aided by those lovely menfolk of yours!

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