around the corner


In our old old house...


with the creaky floors -


and lots of blue,


and white,

kitchen table

I sit and stare.

There's plenty to do -


or nothing at all.


And that


is just


the way


I like it.

upstairs hall

Youngest and I are at the Flying Fish.


He's just finished his Lime Rickey.


Which means he's ready to go.


We are just around the corner from my favorite church.
I can hear the bells all night...


Anonymous said…
I had a washstand just like the one in the first picture. I gave it to my sister for a wedding present. Seems she coveted it these long years.
Anonymous said…
Oooooo I love lime Rickey's!!
And those plates, on the hutch with the leaves going around in multi colour....mmm hmmm, just used those this weekend in Maine...must be a summer house plate pattern.
The house is adorable and I am jealous that you are on the ocean...
Anonymous said…
I'm always so excited when I get mentioned! Thanks for the birthday wish, my dear friend.

jenny said…
oooh, looks like a comfy house. Glad to see the monkey got to come along...
jordi said…
Oh! I could live there for a while, then I would start bringing back treasures to do something with and in a month or 2 it would look like my apartment does now.. full of things to do things with and things halfway done etc.. but it is wonderful to think about living there.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful place to do nothing or something, as your mood dictates. Enjoy!
barbra said…
How beautiful!
Joke said…
If one reads this post w/o the photos, it comes across as a rather nice little poem.

Try it.

Anonymous said…
I agree with Joke. Do you haiku? Can you write us a little haiku about your lovely little home away from home?

It's adorable.

Anonymous said…
PLEASE comfort me by saying that you had to hurridly clean each area before photographing it! PLEASE? You know....picking up the newspaper and last week's spaghetti. The tranquility (except for the unmade bed) made me want to torch my house and live in a tent.
alice c said…
That looks like my sort of house. And I would be very grateful if you could send me an enamel mug exactly like the one in the picture because otherwise I will spend the rest of my life thinking about it.
Dani said…
This post could be one of those Power Point relaxation emails! Beautiful photos and lovely words. I'm glad you're enjoying yourselves so far.

I read your tag as "Happy Birthday to my PALM" and thought to myself... "Hey, I don't remember her having a smartphone." and "How old is my Palm now?" Thank goodness for M's comment or I'd still be pondering that. Doh!
Anonymous said…
Very peaceful. Enjoy.
Jess said…
How beautiful and tranquil!

I love places that give you peace.
Poppy B. said…
My favorite shot? The big old fireplace across the room from the standard-issue kitchen island.

This house reminds me a LOT of New Hampshire. So blue and white and colonial ... sigh.

Caterina said…
That felt good reading it, must feel great living it :)
Anonymous said…
Love the photos. Hope you have a fun week.
Miz S said…
It looks beautiful and peaceful. It will seep into your soul, I know it will. Will it be just the two of you all week, or will K be joining you?
Karla May said…
Nice Whole Foods "better bag" in one of the shots...
Amy A. said…
I feel refreshed just looking at the pictures.
Mary said…
Thank you.
Stephanie said…
I am totally pretending I am where you are right now.

:) Love the Cape. Love your pics, happy vacation week!
Anonymous said…
As it should be, dear bb.

KPB said…
Oh how happy I am for you! This looks DIVINE.

What's a lime rickey anyway?
Anonymous said…
Ahhhhhh it look idyllic!
I wish I lived there! I didn't see any screaming kids or kayos!

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