and all the while I can only imagine he is very warm in those pants


Anonymous said…
I heart Eddie Izzard. #2 son and GF and I saw him in concert in May. He describes himself now as an off-duty transvestite and dresses more or less normally, more's the pity.
OMG I love Eddie Izzard. For the longest time I listened to him on XM comedy and had no IDEA he did shows dressed this way!

I think it made me love him more!
Anonymous said…
Seriously, ONLY the fabulous Eddie Izzard would use the word "Stalinist" to describe an orange. He is genius. We've got tix to see him this summer - can't wait.
Scot said…
Thank you. I love Eddie Izzard, he's my favorite transvestite. Well, him and Flip Wilson. Never really cared for Milton Berle. I've seen him twice and almost peed in my pants, I was laughing so hard! you have a flag?...
It appears those pants are part of his shoes. Which I find strangely appealing.

His description of pears is genius.

I now have to kill you with a tray.
Stalinist Oranges! I want to marry this man. I think he might be short, actually, but for him I would over look it. Ha! No pun intended.

His recent show he doesn't dress up. I can't help wondering if someone made him sign a contract saying he wouldn't. I wanted to see him in those pants!
Anonymous said…
Okay, so apparently I've been living in a cave in farthest Siberia, as I've never heard of this guy.

While you're obsessing with his pants, I can't stop staring at that coat.
Nora :) said…
Eddie Izzard is my main imaginary boyfriend. I have several -- Edward Norton, Robert Downey Jr., George Clooney (duh) -- but would abandom them all for him. He is My True Love. Mmmmmm.
Tuli said…
I pink puffy heart Eddie Izzard:

I want his accent (actually, I want S to have his accent because...melt!), the name of the lipstick he used in this video, and I want him to come over for margaritas.

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