There are beautiful dark clouds floating just beyond my roof window.
I can smell the incense I left burning downstairs.
Under that scent is the dinner smell - flying fish and pumpkin fritters.
I'll show you pictures later.
It's cool outside and I can hear cars and an airplane and a dog down the street.
I just ate a candy bar.

That's all.


Miz S said…
Sounds like a lovely summer evening in Tuvalu. Is it cool there? It's a little cool here tonight.
Miz S said…
Oh, hey. Is it a Twix bar?
Anonymous said…
Buh-bye Spring, Welcome Summer!I hope you have many fireflies in your yard. And ladybugs. And flutterbyes.
Amy A. said…
Practically perfect.
Annagrace said…
I love night time.

I remember my dad bringing home a big box of flying fish from his trip to Barbados. They were his carry-on on the plane...
KPB said…
Don't you think it funny that fireflies sound so romantic but blowflies don't sound sexy at all.

Just something I've had in my head all day since reading the comments.

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