this summer, a list

We are putting together a list of things we want to do this summer.

Here are 24 of them:

1. Make fire.
While we may attempt the business with sticks and string and eyeglasses, I am going to buy flint and we are each going to try it. I don't think it's easy.

2. Buy flint.
This could be an adventure in and of itself.

3. Sleep in a tent.
I added this as Youngest WILL be sleeping in a tent during Bloghere. He has been rewarded for doing this with a video game.

4. Make s'mores.
Although it's an obvious summer treat, I don't think we had any last summer.

5. Play Rock Band.
Youngest has just ordered this game with his own money. I plan on being laughably bad at it.

6. Go to Cape Cod.
Nuff said.

7. Make it to the beach.
Youngest and I were turned away at all the beaches on Sunday. They were FULL UP.

8. Take over the world.
Sigh. Youngest tries this every year.

9. Geez, it's hot out.
We'll try not to complain too much.

10. Make something with papier mache.
Interesting, no?

11. Walk the swamp.
We'll take pictures and show you.

12. Ice cream.
Make it or buy it. Each kid can choose a flavor.

13. Find out how they make petroleum jelly. How much petroleum is in it?

14. Youngest: I have a friend who knows how to make napalm.
Middle: Who doesn't?

15. We could watch that movie about the guy who believes he is one with the bears and then gets eaten by them!
Middle: No.

16. Pet a llama.
As this involves spending time with animals, in the heat, we may push it off to autumn.

17. Take a factory tour.

18. Go on the roof.
Part of it is flat. We want to see the view.

19. Work out that whole passive solar hot water thing.
On the roof.

20. Work for the food pantry.
We had a great time during the food drive, is there another event we can volunteer at?

21. Harness the energy at the playground.
You know that toy that spins? At the playground? Why couldn't it generate electricity?

22. Build a steadicam.
You can tell who is writing these, can't you?

23. Have a Nerf gun war.



KPB said…
I want to come and play.
Jennifer said…
That sounds like one fun summer! I'd like to buy a flint too and see if I could start a fire.

mmmmm smores! I had one when I went camping with the girls. Yum!

I had to giggle when I read the labels for this post :)

Have a great summer bb Family!
Ellen Landrum said…
They do have "roundaboats"- what we call merry-go-rounds, that pump water in rural Africa. Cool, eh? Sounds like a great summer, bb. I love that your boys still have a bit of kid in them- as do you.
alice c said…
Is this when I have to finally admit I don't know what a s'more is?

Be kind to me - I am only a European and therefore slightly lower on the evolutionary ladder.
Anonymous said…
I can't get over that you were turned away from a beach! How many people are allowed on a beach at once? Who counts them and decides that the beach is full? I'm imagining some sort of security guards with a velvet rope deciding who can enter...
Anonymous said…
Well Alice, I had to google flint and nerf gun war as I had no clue what she was talking about. And that happens to me a LOT. But, I am happy, because I learn!
That said, I think I'll join you in no.9- At least I'll TRY.
Badger said…
I recommend against #16. Llamas are mean sunsabeaches. A llama once ate my hat. I HAVE PICTURES.
Anonymous said…
And to think, my girls just want to learn how to cook...
Paula said…
Middle's right.

Even I know how to...oh, wait. Maybe I shouldn't say that.
Amy A. said…
Sounds like a good list. Flint isn't too hard to find. And it's easier to use than expected. My son had a fire going in no time.

Note to Alice C. Go here to see s'mores.
RW said…
Paper mache is a great!
My husband did paper mache crafts with my children in the summer through grades 4-6 - we still have their "Fat Cats". I'll take a photo. Just need some new batteries.
Have you been on the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory tour? You could do #17 while you're doing #6!

When I used to ask my kids what they wanted to do in the summer, the answer would usually be "Nothing". What a couple of slackers!
That One said…
Must make a list like this! Will include at least #1, #2, #3 (but a vintage pop-up camper instead), and #16 (will leave hat in car).

Fun summer plans!
Anonymous said…
God I wish I didn't have to work in the summer. And although pre-schoolers are fun, it sure sounds like it gets way more interesting as time goes on. Maybe I can switch career gears by elementary school age.

barbra said…
I planned to make a list last summer, but it never happened. I am more resolved to do it this summer!

I can't wait to hear what my kids come up with!

Tell us about #19!
whitneybee said…
I would avoid the drums when playing Rock Band, they're difficult (even on the easy level). Guitar isn't so bad, and I've found even lead vocals to be kinda fun.

Have fun!
Velma said…
I live 20 min. from the Cape Cod potato chip factory but have never taken the tour. I do enjoy the potato-chippy smell when I go to my dentist, though.

I have papier mache tips for you, after the papier mache fest last year trying to make giant flowers for Pepper's "fairy" room. (For example, I like the white glue and water - less chance of mildew than with flour mixtures.)
Anonymous said…
We are at the beach right now, and my youngest is eating ice cream (actually, it's a "mocha cremeice," but it looks like ice cream).

We walked in a marsh this morning. Is that the same as a swamp? No?

We took pictures of the wild ponies. Is that like patting a llama? No?

Maybe I should make my own list.
Anonymous said…
I pink puffy heart this list and your sons. You all amaze me.
abrowncow said…
i love this list! can i add two things to it and call it my own?
a. make honest to goodness homemade baked beans
b. pop corn over the fire

Unknown said…
I just have to tell you that at first glance, I thought #7 read "Make it on the beach," and boy, was I surprised. That didn't sound like you at all.

I read it again and had a good laugh at myself. It was a long day at work; what can I say?
Caterina said…
#6. I like #6. #6 #6 !!!

Oooo, maybe too many 6's up there.