a tale of two pretzels

K is on a pretzel kick.
He's been buying pretzel rods for a few months and likes to dip into them in the afternoons and evenings when he needs something to munch on.
Because he's K, he did some pretzel research, tasting several brands before deciding on Utz's.
He buys them in a clear bin that fits nicely in our pantry and can be seen going about his business with a cigar shaped pretzel in his mouth from time to time.
(I can be very crabby when he brings a crunchy pretzel rod upstairs with him at the end of the day or stands behind me crunching when I am reading or typing. I'm not as nice to him as he is to me.)

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Last week we were at the restaurant supply store buying our beverages.
We also had a bin of pretzels on our giant trolley-thing and were discussing hot sauce.
Do we need hot sauce at home? asked K.
You mean AT THE RESTAURANT, I corrected him...I don't want anyone to bust us for not having a restaurant as things are deeply discounted at the supply store.
There were two men loading chips and snacks onto shelves and one of them noticed our pretzel bin.
Hey, what are you doing with those? one of them asked, in a good-natured way.
Oh! Don't bother trying to talk him into any other pretzel - he's done research, I replied.
But you get twice as many pretzels in our box, he offered, nicely, 200, for a lower price!
But their bin fits in my cabinet, I countered.
And our pretzels are made with red winter wheat! he returned my volley, sounding romantic.
You should really try them! I'll even send you a bin. A nice bin with a red top.
Oh - you're going to give them the GOOD bin? the second one said.

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I'm guessing he was referring to this tin.

And so K gave them his card, I grabbed a box of their pretzels and they promised to send the bin on Monday. We went off in search of less than 40 pounds of flank steak.

When we got home we were anxious to do a comparison -


Merits of crunchiness, salt coverage and flavor were discussed.


And that is how we ended up with 200 pretzel rods that are softer, less flavorful and have a little too much salt on them.
We'll see if that tin arrives - the box doesn't fit anywhere and has to sit out on the counter.


Anonymous said…
You have three sons -- I'm sure if you leave the lesser pretzels out, someone will eat them.
Jennifer said…
That's too funny.

I find that Tuvalu has a much wider variety of pretzels then we Canadians do.
alice c said…
It is a tricky balance - the whole style vs. substance thing.You can always put the nicer pretzels in the tin with the red top. No one will know.
Geggie said…
Ah! The inferior pretzel.

If you're feeling creative, you can do chocolate dipped pretzel rods. Maybe that will help?
KitchenKiki said…
I live in "Pretzel City," right down the road from where Bachman's are made. The Bachman's people heard that theirs were Jerry Seinfeld's favorite pretzel (I didn't tell them that his rider had a different brand) so they delivered a case when he had a show. He ate a few, and left the rest. I got the cool tin, and a bunch of pretzels.

I slightly prefer the also locally made Unique Pretzels. Especially the ones covered in dark chocolate.

Have fun with your pretzels!
Anonymous said…
I once worked for a photographer who was addicted to unique pretzels (the original splits) and diet coke. I suppose it was better than some of the things photographers I worked for were addicted to. they were good pretzels. they don't come in a rod though. or at least they didn't. we would order four cases every month.

they were good.

KPB said…
I may just have to kill you with a blue tray.
KPB said…
These pretzels are making me thirsty.

I can't believe no one else has said it already.
KPB said…
And you know, not that I have spent any length of time whatsoever researching it, but you can't get thick pretzel sticks like that here.

But yes, we have electricity and running water.
Joke said…
1- The problem with pretzel rods, IMCO, is the whole surface:mass ratio is off.

2- Inferior pretzelage may be ameliorated by having something into which they may be dipped, usually some variant of mustard. (I like half-Dijon, half-grain mustards, spiked with cranberry jelly and wasabi...but that's just me.)


P.S. Does your restaurant supply megamart carry Lavazza coffee?
Anonymous said…
Those are HUGE pretzels.
Kim, you crack me. Every time...
Wasn't B on a wilderness trip vacation?
Anonymous said…
I don't like that "good tin" at ALL.
Anonymous said…
I don't suppose Better Made brand was reviewed? I love a good pretzel, but am not inclined to review them myself. ;-)
Caterina said…
I rarely eat pretzels of any kind, unless I'm at the ballpark. I like 'em warm, soft, and with lotsa mustard :)
Mary said…
There has to be a Confucius type saying that sums up this post.

I'm just not witty enough to come up with it.
Miz S said…
I like to dip pretzels in hummus.

Josh crunches Necco candies while we watch TV. It annoys me no end.
Sharon said…
Anybody know what the extra dark pretzels they sell at the airport terminal at JFK are? Oh, so dark and almost burnt and yummy...
Suse said…
Me, I just get the giggles every time you use the term 'beverage' on the blog.