summer mission #18

Remember my post of summer ideas/plans?
Well, we only have 23 more to accomplish.

K had some things to do on the roof yesterday and put the word out that we could join him.
He showed us how to climb through the roof window in our room, where to put our feet, how to avoid crotch injuries at the midpoint and how to climb to the peak like a crab.


It was a good day for it - not too hot...the roof is black...

coming out

So, you climb out, skibble up, and then sit out on the flat part over Youngest's room.

down the block

The view down the street isn't that great. It might be better in the winter.

The view in the other direction is okay...but leafy.

side view

I think it could be a good place to relax - but it's not especially quiet up there.

cons on the roof

Proof that I was there.


Negotiating the re-entry is slightly trickier than getting up there.

preparing for re-entry

K was wearing his gutter-cleaning gloves.
One goes through the roof-window feet first, finds the chair below and attempts to, fluidly, pass through and into the house.

But we did it!

I'm hoping we attempt the whole "make fire" thing next - and though it was suggested we try it on the roof, I voted that down.


Annagrace said…
Love how green and shady everything is. Glad the heat of the last couple weeks didn't kill everything.

I had a couple of funny moments imagining me and my large belly trying to get back inside that would take ropes and pulleys.
Velma said…
Oh, you skibble, too?

Here you are, already checking things off, and me? Haven't even made my list yet.
Paula said…
I'm afraid you'd be alone up on that roof if I was there. I am ASCARET of high spots.

I can't even LOOK when Dale is on the roof.
Anonymous said…
And everyone was wearing great sneakers. Why am I not surprised that your entire family has excellent shoes?
barbra said…
I haven't made my list yet either...

I won't let my husband get on the roof at this new house. He is a bit of a klutz and I am scared -- but there is a tree that needs to be trimmed back so it doesn't scrape the roof. What to do, what to do.
Eleanor said…
The day I find myself standing on my roof, my family will know for certain that they have finally pushed me over the edge.
Stephanie said…
Yay! for adventures at home.

I also liked all your shoes.
Caterina said…
That first picture made me a bit woozy :\ And I'm not even scared of heights.
Ali said…
You lot are mad as hatters!!
Miz S said…
I do not like climbing on the roof. Nope. Not one little bit. I don't like the slanty parts.
Wendy said…
Do NOT tell my children that you did this! Especially the part where your children joined you up there.
Dani said…
Where are the nosy neighbors on the ground pointing and whispering about you all being out of your flippin' minds?

No fire on the roof? That's it. We're taking away your "fun mom" badge until further notice.

Oh, and remind me to tell you about the time dh was stranded on the roof while I was vacuuming and I couldn't hear him banging and yelling....
Suse said…
There's nothing like ticking off something on one's to-do list.
Anonymous said…
you are very brave. just looking at those photos got my heart racing!
cheers to summer fun with the family!
Anonymous said…
Are your boys fully aware of just how cool their parents are? Letting them come up on the roof? Excellent.
Anonymous said…
As a kid, I had an attic room on the third floor of our house. I loved sitting out there on the roof on summer nights. There was a fair about 5 blocks away, and it was lovely to look at the lights of the ferris wheel and the other rides twinkling away. I was much younger than your boys are now. I often wonder how I managed to evade parental notice. And broken limbs.

Anonymous said…
My goodness! Next you'll be bungee off the side.
Jennifer said…
Too much fun. It would have been great to be your neighbour that day. To see you ALL up there on the roof. :)
Geggie said…
The roof scares me. I'm wimpy.
Anonymous said…
Is that Middle with a lighter hair colour?
I love all the green around your home, I can tell it's been raining a lot.
Congrats on yoru roof outing!
ChristineMM said…
Wow you are adventurous!
My boys think I'm cool for learning to play Yu-Gi-Oh! with them and for snow tubing with them, but this beats my efforts hands down.
Anonymous said…
Way to get on that roof! Now you need to set up a telescope and get a stargazing book! Sleeping bags! Oh the fun!

And aren't you ambitious, crossing off your to do list items already!