shots from the flickr archive

I am just wiped out. WIPED OUT I TELL YOU.
That Coming Of Age stuff was exhausting - and I'm not alone, there have been a flurry of emails amongst the parents of the COA kids and we were ALL sitting around on our butts yesterday.
But my house is very very clean, so if anyone wants to drop by now would be the time.

While I was sitting on my butt I spent some time browsing through my flickr archives - you know, kind of like flipping through old photo albums after a memorable family event? Except all the heads of people are missing? No? Well, that's what I was doing when I realized that much of my 2004 audience is gone and has been replaced with you guys.
So I thought I'd take a photo-trip down memory lane...


Look! Here's that beautiful field of sunflowers from our trip to Youngest's camp.
Remember that trip? Remember what my car did?

brake failure stop safely

Click into July 2006 for that riveting tale.

Here's one from January 2005 -

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My sister-in-law collects marbles. When Oldest was little he called them narbles.


If I close my eyes really tightly and think hard, I can remember what this day in May of 05 felt like. I need a dip in that ocean RIGHT THIS MINUTE.


I'm sort of missing the Olympics...the WINTER OLYMPICS. The pageantry, the glory, the drama. Now that Survivor is over I have no decent television to report on.

d and m

I miss breakfast with my girlfriends too. We haven't had an opportunity to have an omelet at the diner in a while, though they ARE coming to have cocktails one evening at Bloghere 08.

Here's an illegal shot from inside Anthropologie, right before I was "spoken to."

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I was in Anthro last week, looking for knobs for our linen cupboard and LET ME TELL YOU: I am not paying $10 per knob MR.ANTHROPOLOGIEFANCYPANTS. It was yet another dull visit to that store. I may have to break up with them.

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Did I actually LIKE these two years ago? Boy, am I GLAD I didn't buy them. I HATE them now and they don't go with any of my outfits. Phew.

crystal tree

Ooooh. There's that tree that's dripping with crystals. You know. At that place.

hugging Youngest

Remember when I accidentally let Youngest wear his porn music shirt to school? Because I didn't know it WAS a porn music shirt? You'll be happy to know that I didn't let him wear it to church the other day. My parenting skills are definitely improving.

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A great shirt - from McSweeney's. This pretty much sums up my life.

I'm bored now.
Move along.


Dani said…
Wow. I remember most of that. Now I feel like the old lady around here!

That sunflower pic is my fave.
Mary said…
I'm not bored. I read your archives remember? Loved them.

And loved your post on Youngest's COA. Computer was misbehaving so couldn't comment this morning but now it is behaving I just wanted to say how meaningful and thoughtful this celebration seems to be. It touched me.
Geggie said…
I think I need that tshirt. The circus one, not the porn one.
Anonymous said…
That was VERY entertaining.

PS- You're right about he shoes.)
Anonymous said…
Whoa, those shoes are very bad. On the other hand, the crystal tree is very compelling. I could stare at it for a long time.
Anonymous said…
Soooo glad you dismissed the shoes.
Funny about the T-shirt.
You certainly capture a range in this post.
Badger said…
I do remember most of that. Good God, I guess I've been around here longer than I thought! You were one of my first commenters, and thus one of the first blogs I ever read. (I hadn't actually read ANY before I started mine. I know, right?)
That was fun. Not boring at all. Before 2007, I didn't even know what a blog was.

Sorry, I sort of like the shoes.
And the porn shirt.

I LOVE the beach.
Heather said…
I remember the beach trip. And the porn shirt.
Am I *that* old??
Anonymous said…
I love the shot of the narbles. When I was a little girl, I would play "house" with marbles. They all had individual characteristics that made them be certain types of "people." That picture brought back lots of memories of me lying on my tummy in my bedroom, cris-crossing my feet up in the air behind me, making up stories with my marbles...which were kept in one of those soft purple Crown Royal bags!

Glad your hectic times are over for a bit, bb. What's next?

Anonymous said…
It's always nice to go down memory lane, even if it's a web one.
The ocean. It attracted me to go to the blog where it came from and I Started reading it, never stopping ever since.
Thank you. For every great thing you decide to share with us.
barbra said…
Love the sunflowers and the crystal tree. I've only been to NY once and I didn't meet the crystal tree.

Those shoes are awful!

Love that you have figure skaters on here! Ah, the drama!
Annagrace said…
Proud to say that I remember it all. And good job abstaining from those shoes--I would have had to have a major disagreement with you there...
Eleanor said…
My friend Colours the Clown has EXACTLY the same shirt!
Your son's porn music shirt! LOL.

I 'let' my son wear a 'Skin' t-shirt to school (yes, I am naive and didn't know that it was a 'Skin' shirt). I didn't realize, until it was pointed out to me in a humiliating fashion, that there was a silhouette of a very busty, naked woman on it. (I swear the outline was subliminal... to me!) His school administration was not amused, he wore his shirt inside out that day, and never to school again.
Anonymous said…
I remember almost none of that. But I am blown away that you took a picture of your dashboard's warning sign. That makes you One Awesome Blogger.
Jennifer said…
Hey I've been around since then! I remember all that stuff :) Not the shoes though. I don't like them. I probably didn't then either. lol
Caterina said…
Hey, I remember the beach trip and the porn shirt TOO! I'm guessing I've been around here awhile too :)
awesmom said…
You weren't the only one who didn't get the porn shirt. Did you know that the evil makers of the recent Chipmunks movie had Alvin and his friends singing "Bow Chicka Wow wow?" And that I had to explain to other adults why I wouldn't let my kids go see it on principle? And that as a fifth grader teacher it was infuriating? Yeah, because try explaining to a 10 year old just exactly what you find disturbing about that catchy little tune. A 10 year old that's not yours. Better yet, telling the whole class that they're not allowed to sing "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" on their way out to recess, or hum it under their breath, or...