Off to a memorial service for a good friend of my mother's at church today.
M was a tall, lanky fellow with a gift for poetry and a quiet sense of humor.
He was a veteran and had a shock of white hair which made him easy to spot when he used to walk all over town. On a couple of occasions I spotted him whilst running errands and was delighted to pick him up and ferry him around. Mom will read one of his poems today.

It's been a sticky week here in Tuvalu, in many ways.
Schedules have been wacky, the weather has been odd, and by yesterday moods were running in the extremes.
Everywhere I drove, usually in a hurry to deliver missing assignments or procure anxiously needed items, I was stuck behind an elderly person who seemed unsure of where to go or how to get there with any speed.
My allergies have been a constant reminder of the pollen that has accumulated on the hood of my car and our herb plants seem to be suffering.
Yesterday I woke Middle for school (twice) only to be reminded that he is done with classes for the year.
And tomorrow is Father's Day - the second in my spring schedule of annoying holidays.
Fortunately, we have been invited to our friend's weekend house and are planning on a fun and relaxing day.

You needn't purchase a VW - just enjoy some Nick Drake and some nice videography.


Miz S said…
If my parents lived in Tuvalu I would be certain that it was them who drove in front of you all day.

Have a fun weekend, bird.
Dani said…
I'm very sorry about the loss of your friend.
Anonymous said…
Ugh, Father's Day.

Annagrace said…
You mean you aren't giving K some large, hideous piece of jewelry, an enormous set of tools, or a new car and/or off-road vehicle?!! I'm so happy that J is even more offended by the American advertising machine during these sorts of holidays than even I am...
Anonymous said…
I love Father's Day!
I get all these wonderful Father's Day cards with little messages that let know how my "sons" are doing. This year I've gotten 43 so far! That said, everybody should check into helping foster children, they keep you young.
Like my favorite tee-shirt says - SUPERMAN had foster parents!
Anonymous said…
A hug to your mom. Losing a dear friend is always a sad, blue day.
I hope you can help her with your special "powers", since I believe you all truly have them.