movie night

We showed The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming to Youngest last night.
Do you know it? It's from 1966 and it's very funny and well done.
I hadn't seen it in a long long time and I had forgotten so many great scenes from it...

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My grandmother took me, when I was small, to the movies on Sunday's and this was one of the movies we saw together. I can vividly remember her laugh (it was unique) during certain scenes.

It has a great cast -

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and many of the characters are skillfully drawn.
While the movie plays out like an old stage comedy it's still entertaining.

love interest

There's a slightly mushy plot line wherein a Russian falls in love with an American...

Jonathan Winters

There's a truly funny plot line with Jonathan Winters - a policeman with seven children and a nervous wife.

J Winters

He's awfully good and underplays many of his hysterical lines.


Carl Reiner is terrific as the New York writer who gets caught up in the "invasion."

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Alan Arkin is sterling as the Russian Lieutenant.

It's one of those movies that grown-ups and kids will giggle at and there's a decent message for a younger audience. Of course, you may have to spend some time explaining the Cold War, which can be complicated, but soon after that you'll be laughing your ass off watching Mr. Reiner tied up tightly against the buxom telephone operator.

Youngest really liked it and K and I found ourselves happily remembering little plot twists as the story unfolded.

We're still walking around saying (in our best fake Russian accents):


Jennifer said…
Never saw it. Maybe I will.
Anonymous said…
One of our all-time favorites - we bought it, on tape, some years ago, watch it frequently and laugh all over again. Favorite bits: where the Russians argue about how to say Gloucester, where Alan Arkin says "Always I am saying goodby to you and always I am meeting you again," where the town official says "Come on , they're openin' up the baah" in his Maine accent, and of course, the rolling down the stairs bit. I'm laughing now just thinking about it!
I haven't seen the Russians, but I fondly remember Brian Keith from that "Family Affair" TV show.

We never went to the movies when we were growing up, except to see The Sound Of Music.
Anonymous said…
I've never even heard of this movie, but it sounds great.
Velma said…
I haven't seen this in years - thanks for the recommendation! Now I'll have to see it again.
jordi said…
The "Emergency" line has always been one of my favorites and my grown up son and I both use it still. Maybe it is time to see it again, but I need to get my netflix queue in order. THAT is a whole 'nother post, though.
Neil said…
I've seen this movie many times and always found it funny. Jonathan Winters was good in everything, as is Alan Arkin. I never really thought about the "educational" part of it -- explaining the Cold War. Is that now party of history? We are getting old!

My guess... the Cold War will begin again pretty soon.
Anonymous said…
Just looking at Jonathan Winter's photo makes me hysterical. Gosh, I miss all those funny men!

I would follow it with a screening of Dr. Strangelove.
barbra said…
I've never seen that movie, but my dad made sure that we saw Dr. Strangelove...

Alan Arkin looks like John Stamos in that last picture.
MsCellania said…
This is among my favorites, along with Dr. Strangelove. Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is great to watch with any-aged kids, too.
Anonymous said…
That movie was on here the other night, and my MIL (we are currently staying with the PILs for a bit) stayed up way past her bedtime to watch it. She could not stop laughing. I haven't seen it, but will add it to my Netflix queue.

Anonymous said…
I love that you watch movies with your children. I don't think anybody does that anymore.
But I am aware you have special kids.
Anonymous said…
Not much to say about the movie...haven't seen it.


I will say you're lucky to have a friend like Paola. She's a doll.
Miz S said…
I LOVE that movie! Haven't seen it for ages. Thanks for reminding me about it.
Maggie, Dammit said…
Zer is nussing better zan good russian moovie, nyet?

Wait, did I sound kinda French there?

Whatever, it's late. Fake accents are cool.
Allison said…
Wow I haven't heard of this either, and thought that I had seen just about every crazy funny/obscure b-movie out there over two J-terms in college!
Anonymous said…
Oh that is a good one! I heart Brian Keith. Movies from that era are so underrated, aren't they? I adore them.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the reminder, bb. I am always trying to remember good movies from the past to share with my boys, and I think they will really like this one.
Anonymous said…
This post brings back memories of being a little kid watching this movie with my cousins who came to visit from Kansas for the summer. We spent the whole vacation chanting, "Emergency, emergency..."
Unknown said…
One of my all time favorite movies with probably my all time favorite movie line. "We are Nor-wig-gians." I don't even know WHY it cracks me up, but it does EVERY single time I say it.

Everybody to get from street. Classic!