monkeys you should know

Ingrid posted a picture of a Spock Monkey the other day and I fell in love with him.
When I clicked back through the links I found many many sock monkeys who need homes.
I thought we could look at them together -


This is Joan. Little Joanie likes to collect stamps and play checkers.
Her favorite drink is root beer. She could use a hat.


Phyllis is just back from a cruise. She plays a lot of Bingo. Someone needs to tell her not to go so heavy with the lipstick. She's on "medication."


Cliff works as a rodeo clown. He likes his job but is thinking of retiring soon.


Evan is old. And blind. He's into jazz. He likes good cigars. He was a sailor.


Patrick is wearing his Sunday best. He'd like to take you out for lunch.
Just look at his expression.


Reginald is the nicest sock monkey you could ever hope to meet. He drives a cab and loves ham.

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Chauncey is from Bermuda.


Margie likes to walk, in the mornings, with her girlfriends - at the mall. She is going to have some oral surgery next week but she's not worried about it. She likes romance novels.


Lewis is friends with Margie. He likes to go out dancing.


Here's another shot of him. He's an excellent cook.


Rick is a retired electrician.
He likes to garden.

Rick's boots

I like his boots.

Whenever anyone has a baby, or knows someone who has a baby, Gloria knits a gift for them.


She loves Jell-o.


Piggsy is always smiling. He drives a school bus and everyone notices how happy he is every single day. He has the patience of a saint.


Etta teaches dance at the Y. She does not have the patience of a saint. Year after year of tap dancing, ballet posing, jazzercising students will sap anyone of patience.

And then we come to those sock monkeys who have been dressed in Star Trek costumes, and FORCED to wear wigs. It's a disgrace to both the Star Trek actors and the monkeys themselves (in my opinion). However, I could see how they might be the perfect gift for the sock monkey loving Star Trek geek in your life.

James T.

Kirk: the dark hair dye years.


Kirk: the Pon Far episode.


Kirk mesmerized by an intergallactic beauty.

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Kirk from The Trouble With Tribbles.

Finally, we see the Spock Monkeys.
None of them are a perfect Spock per se - but a couple of them do come close.


I appreciate the eyebrows and stern look of this one.

But this one holds some promise -


I believe his expression is most Nimoyesque, if you will.

Of course this one,


merely looks like someone dressed up as Leonard Nimoy AS SPOCK. But there you are.
It is, perhaps, the most ironic of all the choices.

One would be obliged to point out that this one


has just gone over the top.

Of course, the monkey I love best would be this one -


I'm smitten.

I would encourage any or all of you to make one of these lovely monkeys your personal pet.
They are available at

Do not think highly of me for pleading their case.
Glove dogs?

glove dog

Have no place in my heart.


Anonymous said…
I am actually speechless with awe that you know each monkey's name and a little about him/her.
woohoo... you've made my day :)

and to think. i don't even have a single one... i'll have to rectify that when i'm visiting canada this summer.
Jennifer said…
Ahahaha yes you've made my day. Now whenever I hear about a sock monkey.. I'll think of you. And maybe Lewis ;)
MizMell said…
I think Lewis is my favorite...
I checked on the site and viewed them all. Very cute (but expensive!)
Poppy B. said…
Best. spockmonkey. post. EVER.

I'm nominating this for 5 * Friday.
Anonymous said…
This completely made my day, particularly since none of my crafty friends will make me my own sock monkey despite repeated and prolonged begging. (Hint! Hint hint! Hint hint hint!)
Badger said…
Oh my God. You are SO WEIRD.

Someone needs to introduce Phyllis to Patrick, STAT. They're soulmates, you can just tell.
Anonymous said…
I love the biographies as much as the monkeys. Mr. G mostly liked the monkeys.
Dani said…
The bios you wrote are making me think that the heat has gotten to your brain.

Maybe someone needs to send you home early. ;)

(They are damn cute, though.)
jenny said…
I haven't clicked anywhere so I'm going out a limb here...

you made those bios up?

well, if so thank you. you gave me a much needed reason to grin this morning.

I'm rather partial to Evan.
Geggie said…
You have me rolling with laughter!
barbra said…
You are so very clever! I love it!
Anonymous said…
You should write children's books--the kind that adults find to be even more amusing than the kids do. Those stories were priceless. I loved the one about the lipsticked lady just back from the cruise and also the one about the lady who is about to have oral surgery, but isn't too worried about it.

Kathy Rogers said…
Sweet. I totally want Phyllis.

But I already have a sock monkey and he would be terribly jealous.
tut-tut said…
I enjoyed this very very much indeed.
Rhi said…
I think perhaps I should have a Spock Monkey.
Sarah said…
Funniest, charmingest (I KNOW it's not a real word!), best post I've read in many moons.
Anonymous said…
omg, I might have nightmares from this one!
These are too cute!
I agree with who ever commented and said you should write children's books.
alice c said…
This post could bring a whole new audience to your blog.

Oh, and I accidentally clicked on the glove dog pic and it enlarged which gave me a nasty shock.
Anonymous said…
Darling post--and thank you for ridding me of my sock monkey phobia through total immersion. :D
Caterina said…
Amusing. And disturbing. HA!
Paula said…
First, I think Lewis is too young for Margie.

And second, I can see I have to make my sock monkey some clothes because all he has is a hat.
country mouse said…
I third the nomination for you to write children's books! You are so effing talented at detailing each personality . . . I'm speechless . . . If it were up to me I'd have you name my soon-to-be-born grandbaby : )
anne-mari said…
haha! so cute!
Anonymous said…
How completely delightful and unexpected. Well done, you.

Anonymous said…
thanks for making me laugh out loud this morning!
Anonymous said…
A few more things you should see about sock monkeys:

Yes, sock monkeys were quite the thing in MN in 2006.

btw, I love your characterizations of the monkeys. Perfect.
Wheeee! I finally made it here from Dial-up Internet Land.

Phyllis...I'm pretty sure I've seen her in the Tin-Can Retirement Village in Ft Myers. She's got that "cocktail hour" look in her eyes.

Evan? TOO Cool for words, that hep cat.