magazines from a broad

I got a nice heavy envelope from a friend the other day.

gourmet mag

Don't you love magazines?
Glossy and neat and indulgent, I can transport myself anywhere.
These were extra delicious.


I read the advertisments (in my head) with my best fake Australian accent.

diamonds again

ATTENTION MAGAZINE EDITORS OF THE WORLD: being a foodie does not equal wanting/shopping for/having lots of diamonds.

sloe gin

My mom ordered a Sloe Gin Fizz whenever we went out to eat when I was growing up. Sometimes she'd give me a taste. I haven't tasted one since I was about 10 and would welcome the chance to try one now. Remind me next time we are near a bar.


This is the kind of pasta salad that I might not think of making. I'm not a creative cook, but, now that I see this, I'm inclined to write down the ingredients and throw it together.

Ditto this:


I never think to use tomatoes AND cucumber AND not much else. This looks cool and delicious.


Another inspiration.
I make pork about once a week but I use the same recipe over and over again. This one looks good.


Pretty shot. Lots O Wine.


Some kabobs I'd like to try...


I was intrigued with the word Spatchcock - and, now that I know what they are, am no longer interested.


I could eat all of that corn. All by myself.

nectarine jelly

Nectarine jelly? I'd try it.


I'm ashamed to admit that I took this picture of the chocolate/coconut Lamingtons but did not read the article. Aren't they, like, the National Dessert Of Australia?
I promise to read about them.
(And I wouldn't mind eating some either.)

There were other features, too, in these issues -


A travel story tells of Fun In The Philippines. (K has worked in The Philippines and I don't remember him enjoying it there.)
And there are stories about all the places I need to visit in Australia and New Zealand.

This resort has stolen our haphazard rock decor!


And, finally, there is a fashion page - thank heavens...

fashion page

I can only cook, eat, travel and relax for so long before I need to check in on the fashion world.

It was so kind of Kim to send these to me that I don't have anything snarky to say.



Mary said…
I love our Australian magazines - the lifestyle ones I mean.

Did you find they had less ads than the American mags. If I lash out and buy an American interiors magazine I find them incredibly full of ads.


Oh and I loved your "Tonight" post.
Anonymous said…
If you read the wiki definition and thought it meant eating teeny tiny birds, spatchcocked is just a culinary term for any bird flattened out. We do it with regular chicken or cornish hens. Generally you then cook it under a brick to keep it flat.
Can I tell you how much the space between the letter a and the word broad amused me. Subtle, but brilliant.
Anonymous said…
The Lamingtons look so yummy.

What else is in the tomato and cuke salad?

You should go to New Zealand. It's absolutely wonderful there and I want to go back at some point.
Paula said…
Ooh. You can send that recipe for Ginger and soy pork with bok choy right along to me!
Suse said…
Did she send you a Donna Hay mag?


Even better than Gourmet Traveller.
Geggie said…
I love magazines and try to practice restraint. I do always pass my old ones along to friends and strangers alike.
Velma said…
Now I'm just hungry, darn it.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for reading to me this morning. That was so nice.
Badger said…
Kim is one hell of a broad.

And WTH is "slow cook Thursday"?
I am a magazine whore. I read my Mom's Ladies Home Journal last night (I was DESPERATE).

Your magazine was especially juicy.
What? No "make your own vegamite" recipes>
alice c said…
OMG is it possible that Badger really doesn't know what Slow Cook Thursday is? Or is she just kidding?

Anyway, I was going to say that I went out for a meal with my beloved husband recently and he had a Sloe Gin Fizz. I looked at him rather disapprovingly over the top of my Classic Champagne Cocktail and said that Sloe Gin is something to drink at Christmas. But now I know your mother - of impeccable taste - drank it I will have to apologise.

On the other hand I may not tell him.
Anonymous said…
Those were such gorgeous pictures. Huge too. My favorite magazine that is no longer in publication was Budget Living. I loved that one. The writing was very clever and they called spending $100 a Tiffany ads in that magazine. It was wonderful.

Carol said…
I always thought spatchcock was a verb, not a noun. For some reason, it reminds me of the word "codpiece"--imaginary Elizabethan torture "Gaoler, spatchcock his codpiece and hang it on a post."

Thanks for sharing the yummy magazine pics.
Anonymous said…
I have been to the Philippines. From what I recall seeing, most of the *fun* there was of a sex-for-money nature. Of course, I was mostly in Olongapo City, the slum right outside the naval base's main gate ;-)
KPB said…
Jo - in Australia we have used the term spatchcock for baby chickens. Nigella was the one who corrected our nation that it is the what you call any flattened bird. Except roadkill. As it were.

I have no idea what slow cook thursday is either. God damn it.
Anonymous said…
I am SO looking forward to Thursday!

KPB said…
I just realised I left the price on Vogue Entertaining. Shocked at my not noticing it before I sent it. Apologies my dear.
LBA said…
I love the Aussie Glossies.

Bought a few mags overseas recently and was disappointed wiht the quality of paper contained within - virtually a step above coloured newsprint - ugh .. made me lost interest very fast, and the photos were kinda sapped by the crappy paper.

Gorgeous photographs. I wonder why I have never visited you before, when I hear Kim crap on about you all the time ? :p
LBA said…
oh - and lamingtons - ugh - dry cake, nothing to love, move along.
Stomper Girl said…
Lamingtons are okay, but pavlovas laden with whipped cream and as much fresh fruit as you can cram on top are my preferred Australian National Dessert.
Jess said…
Have you shared your reliable pork recipe? If not, would you please? I'm in love with the pork stand at my farmer's market, and I want to branch out beyond bacon (much as I love it).

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